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Professional Fur Cleaning, Fur Repairs, Fur Appraisals, Fur Storage, Fur Repairs, and Fur Alterations


It is that time of the year to wear your fur garments again. Make sure they are clean and glazed, stored properly, in perfect condition and ready to wear. If not, you can always go to Marc Kaufman Furs NYC to handle and take care of your fur garments.


Check out the website for storage coupons, fur cleaning and repair coupons, and more speial offers at www.kaufmanfurs.com



Marc Kaufman Furs

208 West 29th st.

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Fur Alteration, Fur Repair, Fur Cleaning, Fur Resizing, and Fur Storage

Shearling furs, mink furs, fox furs, sable furs, persian furs, lynx furs, leather and especially chinchilla furs need professional, delicate, and specific handling. Marc Kaufman Furs NYC can handle any repairs, alterations, resizing, cleaning and storage for your precious furs.



Sable Furs


Mink Furs


Marc kaufman Furs NYC

208 W 29th Street

New York, NY 10001


Shearling Cleaning, Shearling Repair, Shearling Alterations

If you have a shearling that needs to be shortened, resized, altered or cleaned, this is our speciality.

We are experts in shearling restoration. We can revitalize your shearling and bring it back virtually new again.


Marc Kaufman Furs

208 West 29th St

NYC NY 10001 

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Best Fur Service Ever - Fur Sale, Fur Cleaning, Fur Repair, Fur Alteration

The Best Furs and Fur Service Ever!

by Rachelle Gianzon, November 30, 2012.

Located in 208 West 29th Street in Manhattan, NY, Marc Kaufman Furs of NYC has been providing quality fur coats and fur service to the residents of New York City and New Jersey. But it doesn’t stop there. People from all over United States and other countries (including Russia, Denmark, Australia, Spain, etc.) have contacted Marc Kaufman Furs to buy fur coats, fur jackets, fur strollers, and many more. They ship through the trustworthy UPS to deliver the coats safely to their destinations.

To maintain the quality fur garments and fur service available to customers, Marc Kaufman Furs has set high standards to their furs and services:

FUR SALE: The fur garments sold in Marc Kaufman Furs are made from high-quality, carefully picked furs. Stop by or check out the website www.kaufmanfurs.com and see for yourself. Even the used estate furs are carefully examined to be sold as mint condition pre-owned furs.


Brown cashmere cape with golden russian sable fur trim



Chinchilla Jacket


FUR CLEANING: Their Fur cleaning is the newest and upgraded version of fur cleaning where the process involves conditioning and cleaning the hair without any stress on the fur or leather. The new cleaning process where no tumbling is required and the solution used is a biodegradable. It leaves furs soft and silky. Whereas the old cleaning process which causes rips and tears to the furs and adding additional stress from the tumbling. In addition to that, the old cleaning process fur cleaning solution can cause shrinkage and stiffness.

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Canadian lynx fur stroller and Black mink fur coat with hood


FUR ALTERATION, FUR REPAIR, FUR REMODELING and FUR CUSTOM DESIGN: Marc Kaufman Furs NYC has tailors who have a lifetime of experience in working with furs and they all do an excellent job with all their fur work. From creating a custom made fur coat to fixing a damaged fur jacket, these fur tailors know what they do.


Black sheared stroller with crystal fox collar and trim



Brown sheared coat with hood



White tiger dyed mink onblack mink coat


To find the fur coat of your life visit: http://www.kaufmanfurs.net/gallery/index.php?cat=16 (fur trends)



Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

208 W 29th Street

New York, NY 10001