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Looking for a fantastic fur coat to add to your winter wardrobe? Whether you are shopping for new fur apparel or doing some online research, you might have run into some terminologies that you have no idea about. We have done the hard work for you and created a complete list of fur terminologies that you should know to get an amazing fur coat. Learning these terminologies will enhance your understanding of furs and help you find the right fur coat without the fear of being tricked by talkative salesmen. While you may still need some help finding the best quality fur coat, you will at least know what to look for.

1. Guard Hair

When your furrier refers to the guard hairs, they are primarily talking about the coarser and longer outer hairs that are most noticeable when looking at a fur coat. Though some fur apparel will require a process called plucking – removing the guard hairs to reveal the softer layer underneath – this isn’t always necessary. So just keep an ear out so that you don’t pay extra for a service that isn’t needed.

woman wearing fur coat

2. Mutation

If you are a seasoned fur lover, you might have heard your furrier referring to some particular fur coat using the word mutation. In this case, the word essentially refers to the kind of fur that has been bred specifically to get a certain texture or color. Though most of the furs that you will find at your typical fur store are natural and not mutated, it’s still beneficial to know exactly what you are getting into when your furrier offers this option. Click here to get a long hair sheared mink stroller.


fur coat


3. Underfur

The term underfur refers to the softer layer of furs that are found underneath the guard hairs. Underfur is not only responsible for the incredible warmth that your fur coat offers, but it also gives it a glossy, textured shine. The softness of the underfur directly depends upon the manufacturing process and its source.


knitted fur coat


4. Knitted Fur

You must have heard another popular fur term when checking out fur coat options this season. Yes, we’re referring to knitted fur. While the term itself paints a picture of an old woman sitting in a rocking chair, knitting away, that isn’t what we’re talking about. Knitted fur is basically used to describe furs alternated in their direction to create a unique product, somewhat similar to a knitted piece of clothing.

Fuchsia Knit Mink Poncho Hood


5. Brightener Added

Brightener added is one of the most used fur terminologies that you should know about. It means that the color and luster of your fur coat can be further enhanced using specialized customization treatments.

blue colored fur coat



6. Leathering

The word leathering is used to describe a process in which strips of fur from your fur coat are alternated or replaced by cloth, ribbon or leather to reduce its overall weight and give it a unique look.

black shearling vest


7. Dyeing

The term dyeing means exactly what you think it means. It refers to the process of using different colors and methods to change or polish the color of your fur coat according to your preferences. Though fur apparel already comes in a full spectrum of natural color options, the process of dyeing allows you to personalize your fur coat in the vibrant color shade that you like. If you are buying second hand fur apparel, dyeing can also help fix imperfections. Have a look!

Red Knit Mink Poncho

Red Knit Mink Poncho



8. Letting Out

Also referred to as dropping out, letting out is a process in which the pelt of your fur coat will be first cut into diagonal strips and re-sewn, allowing the pelt to look narrower and longer. The final product after letting out is a smooth, flowing and supple pelt.

let out mink coat

Whiskey Mink Coat Size


9. Sheared

When your furrier tells you that your second hand fur coat needs to be sheared, it basically means that they will trim fur as low as 5mm to give it uniformity, reduce weight or bulkiness and even create intricate patterns (if you want). Click here to buy a Sheared Brown Bomber Jacket.

model wearing jacket


10. Tip-Dyeing

Also known as blending, tip-dyeing is the process in which the dye of your choice is only applied to the tip of guard hairs to produce a double-shaded or two-toned look.

blue tip dyed raccoon coat

A woman wearing a baby blue raccoon jacket with hood over white pants.


11. Muskrat

Being a rare North American wild fur, the word muskrat is used by furriers to appreciate both the natural beauty of the fur apparel and its dyeing in deep jewel tones that amp up  appeal. The natural colors in which Muskrat is available are gray, beige, gold and brown.

Camel Sheared Beaver Jacket Hooded

Camel Sheared Beaver Jacket Hooded


12. Fitch

Fitch has the most dramatic and distinctive markings. Originating from Russia or Scandinavia, the Fitch fur coat comprises black/brown guard hairs and white stripe set underfurs.

fur coat



13. Nutria

When a furrier refers to a fur coat as nutria, it means it is manufactured using pure wild fur from South or North America. Not only this, but it is sheared and dyed to give it a polished final look.

girl wearing poncho-styled fur coat



14. Baum/Stone Marten

The term Baum Marten is used to refer to the North American wild furs that make for a soft and gold refined look, somewhere in between the shades of gold-dyed mink and golden sable. However, stone marten is used to describe creamy beige-colored fur apparel comprising dark brown stripes. Have a look at the Stroller White Fox Collar Coat!

Baum Martin Coat


15. Sable

The Russian sable is one of the most expensive and prized furs in the world. It features a legendary silky quality, is lightweight and rare.

Russian Sable Coat

Russian Barguzin Sable Coat


16. Pile

The word Pile is used to refer to the direction in which your fur coat’s hairs grow. For example, “the pile of your fur coat grows outward from the bottom of the torso to the top of the belly and inward from the tail.”

a young woman wearing fur jacket


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