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David Hobbs (born September 23, 1963), also known by his stage name Mr. Mixx, is a co-founder of the controversial rap group 2 Live Crew, along with being a scratch DJ and music producer of the group. In his early twenties, Hobbs was in the United States Air Force and he co-founded 2 Live Crew while he was stationed in California. Early 2 Live Crew singles gained so much traction in Florida that they relocated there. By 1986, the group released the single “Throw The ‘D'”; it is now considered the blueprint of Miami bass.

Later in 1986, 2 Live Crew released their debut album, The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are. The album established the group’s signature style of comical sexually explicit lyrics. After a slew of successful releases the group met with considerable controversy as a U.S. district court ruled the album legally obscene. They were prosecuted, but all later acquitted.

Hobbs produced popular 2 Live Crew singles such as “Throw the D”, “Me So Horny“, “Hoochie Mama”, and other titles in the group’s Miami bass musical catalog. Currently, Hobbs continues to DJ and produce other artists

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