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As the weather starts getting colder, buying fur clothing becomes a must. For people who love to make a fashion statement and keep their wardrobe up to date – fur vests are a must-have.

Fur vests are the latest trend catching all the buzz this winter. They are perfect for making any simple outfit go from dull to glam. If you want to show off your style this winter, here are 3 fur vests to add an oomph to your outfit.

Multi-coloured Fox Vest Size

Beautiful fur with multi-colors

This is a fur vest that needs no convincing. Its beautiful colors and funky look are enough to compel anyone to buy it. It is perfect for people who love to express themselves with their outfits. You can pair it with any monotone outfit and look chic.

Black Shearling Vest

sleeveless black fur vest

In the fashion world, it’s a fact that you can never go wrong with black. This black shearling vest is the ultimate choice for those who love to keep it simple yet classy. The zip and sleeveless design allows it to be paired with any outfit. Ditch your leather jackets and long coats; this black fur vest is perfect for giving your outfit that expensive and stylish look

Red Fox Vest Hood

Beautiful fur with a hood


This fox fur vest is the comfiest yet the trendiest fur vest in the collection this winter. With its puffed up, fluffy style and soft texture, this is the vest you need to keep yourself cozy yet stylish.

You can wear it casually or for a fun day out; it elevates your look in seconds. The best thing about this fur vest is the cute little hood at the back to keep you cozy throughout the day.

Get the Best Fur Vests!

We think we have convinced you enough to get at least one of these three beautiful and choc fur vests. So look no further. Marc Kaufman Furs is your go-to. Find the fur vests that suit your style, and slay the fashion game this winter!