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The Ultimate Fur Gift Giving Guide

The Ultimate Fur Gift Giving Guide

We can’t help but get caught up in the Holiday shopping buzz which seems to start earlier and earlier every year. With good intentions in hand, it is inevitable that we endRead More

Will Blue Furs Be The New Black of 2014 Fur Trends?!

Is blue the new black? “Dazzling blue” has widely been named a “key color” for 2014. This calm and cool hue becomes even more vibrant when it involves a furRead More

More White Haute Furs

White fur stole with crystal embellishments from Marc Kaufman Furs  in NYC As the mercury drops, the northern wind blows and the first snow is falling the focus moves to warmRead More

Mink Coat Madness

Mink Coat Madness

While some trends come and go (we’re looking at you, mesh), fur has stuck around. Over the years, icons from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna have embraced fur, and the luxeRead More

Fur Fashions from the Runways of Milan

Milan has long been the Mecca of the luxury fur market. When it comes to fur fashion trends this Season, Milan is a total trendsetter. The Italians,  have approached fur justRead More

Seduced by Fur Scarves

Seduced by Fur Scarves Scarves are the ultimate Fall/Winter accessory because they can “class” up any outfit without even trying. Want a quick way to turn jeans and a t-shirt intoRead More

Wrap Yourself Up In The Season’s Most Luxurious Gift

Wrap Yourself Up In The Season’s Most Luxurious Gift

These past few seasons we witnessed fur fashion designers reinterpret the vest into a myriad of lengths, shapes, and overall use that ranged from the classic men’s third suit item to cuirass-likeRead More

Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Fun Furry Pieces For Everyone On Your List

With the Holidays quickly approaching comes the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your Holiday list. We always dread the task of trying to find a giftRead More