Fur Coats on the Red Carpet

Red carpet Fur coats

Fur coats on the red carpet

Fur coats on the red carpet are generally show stoppers. We revisit the image of Marilyn Monroe again to emphasize this point.High end fur coats are classic and elegant accoutrements that “finish” certain wardrobe selections. The best stylists in the business realize this point. The “wow” factor is hard to come by these days in entertainment. The presence of a coat on the red carpet,adorned by the right individual, can ratchet up the  glamour tempo.


lady Gaga wears fur coats on the red carpet

Magnificent fur on the red carpet

Lady Gaga,always the fashion rebel/icon has long held a reverence for the fur coats. She has appeared on more than just one red carpet sporting a fur coat. Michael Kors fur coat brand has benefited exponentially from Gaga and her fur coat wearing ways on the red carpet and at various events.

Rihanna wears fur coats on red carpets

Fur coats on red carpets

Rihanna was the toast of the town at the Met gala recently. Her red carpet fur was simply spectacular(as seen in the image above). Rihanna cemented the import and significance of the red carpet in the most spectacular of ways. Such high end furs are obtainable at only the finest furriers. Marc Kaufman Furs is the premiere source of unique high end fur coats. Whether for the runway,red carpet, or the everyday walk of life, Marc Kaufman is the preferred choice for fur lovers. Feel free to review his vast selection of fur coats at Marc Kaufman NYC Let Marc Kaufman set you on your fur coat experience!


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Luxury Gifts For Women Most Expensive

Luxury gifts for women are ubiquitous. They exist everywhere. Each woman has a distinct signature of taste and style. Luxury gifts are really a bit of a journey when it comes to acquiring them. Below are a few luxury items for women that you may want to consider for the lady in your life.

Manolo Blahnik : Shoes Rule

luxury gifts for women

Luxury gifts for women

A film showing Manolo as a little boy running around the gardens of his hometown in the Canary Islands obsessed with making shoes for the little reptiles out of candy wrappers. One can easily see where Manolo’s love of nature and botany comes from and how they always permeate his designs. www.manoloblahnik.com

Marc Kaufman Furs : High End Furs

luxury gifts for women

Luxury gifts for women

Since 1870 The Marc Kaufman Fur family has been designing quality furs and creating designer wear in NYC. They have a large, selection of designer fur coats and fur jackets at wholesale pricing. Full length designer fur coats, designer mink coats, fur jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers. For the softest in furs Marc Kaufman Furs has the finest Chinchilla trimmed mink coats, chinchilla coats, chinchilla jackets, lynx coats. Marckaufmanfursonline , Facebook, and Instagram has a wide variety of furs that serve as luxury gifts for women.

Bottega Veneta : Bags

luxury gifts for women

Luxury gifts for women

The artisans who produce Bottega Veneta’s handbags in Vicenza bring to their work certain intangibles-hundreds of years of local tradition. An intuitive understanding of the product, and a shared aesthetic sensibility that is not just Italian but specifically Venetian-that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

 Intrecciato was the starting point for Bottega Veneta’s evolution and to this day continues to be one of the most recognizable elements of the brand. From nappa to crocodile to karung, the result is always the same. www.bottegaveneta.com

Luxury gifts for women are all the rage. It can be a really fun undertaking if you do not mind dropping major dollars. Feel free to peruse the links provided after each item above. We purposely left out the pricing. We want you to be amazed at what you find.

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