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Orange Mink Fur Bomber Jacket

Fur Coat Cold Storage For Summer

Fur Coat Cold Storage For Summer Warm Weather Is Not A Friend To Your Fur Coat   A Fur Coat is like precise instruments. They require particular care and maintenanceRead More

Fur Designers Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Designers Fur Designers are the key to trend setting fur fashions,globally Fur designers are the mainstays and primary components of the fur business. They are the ones who determineRead More

Why Fur Coats are In Vogue

Why Fur Coats are In Vogue

Fur coats will always be in vogue. The immediate future is a bright one for the universal fur coat lover. The winter (2015 notwithstanding) has always been the showcase forRead More

Collection of Mink Coats Fur Coats Fur Jackets

Amazing Collection of Mink Coats, Fur Coats and Jackets to choose from. Large Selection over 3000 furs online.   Thank you for shopping Marc Kaufman Fur NYC

Fur Coats For Men History

Fur Coats For Men History

Fur coats for men are not a new concept. Men and their fur coats have dotted the landscape for millennia. Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing. Fur is generallyRead More

Mink Jackets Mania Amazing Furs

Mink Jackets have such wonderful texture. They possess a surreal softness,yet they hold up under the worst of chills. This is the reason why mania exists! Fur coats are theRead More

Fur The Perfect Luxury Gift

Fur The Perfect Luxury Gift

Fur is the Perfect Luxury Gift for any special occasioan Furs are amazing.I mean truly,they are. There is an all consuming elegance and practicality to fashion seekers. They are bothRead More

24 Carat Gold Mink Fur Stoller

New York City Furrier Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Patented Technique On November 28th 2015 Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC signed a contract with Nobline of Switzerland, becomingRead More