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“Lifestyle” is the thing these days. Fitness as a lifestyle, boating as a lifestyle, travel as a lifestyle, camping as a lifestyle…it goes on. Lifestyle is the integration of something into the day to day process of ones “life”…a way of life or living. One of the best lifestyle forms is THE FUR COAT. The Fur Coat has an aura and a romanticism that affects all who lay eyes upon one.

Marc Kaufman Furs is the impresario when it comes to the fur coat and the fur coat lifestyle. There is a methodology to the fur coat design and it’s overall perceptual presence in the mind of the would-be consumer of same. Marc Kaufman Furs understands this and aspires to the very best in the creation of the finest fur coats possible. Thousands of  women, men and children nationally and in other parts of the world, have already been beneficiaries of the Marc Kaufman Furs golden touch. The global, easy access Marc Kaufman Furs website makes acquisition of superior fur coats possible for all.

Marc Kaufman Furs takes Manhattan

The heat is on with Blue Iris Silver Fox Fur Stroller on the streets of New York City even in winter. Macy’s and Herald Square bare witness to the heat.

In summation, Marc Kaufman Furs is your ultimate ticket to the finest in luxury fur acquisition. Many are called , but Marc Kaufman Furs is chosen by most. Get your Marc Kaufman quality fur coat now! La Nina is coming in the winter of 2016. Be prepared!

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Fur is no longer just for warmth on the coldest of days, furs has moved into the hot “must have” fashion category and are worn from day to night and across all seasons.

World renowned for our luxurious furs and craftsmanship, our fur coats are worn by socialites, celebrities, hip hop artists as well as people of all walks of life that want to be warm and look beautiful.

Grey swakara stroller with chinchilla collar and cuff, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs

Since 1910 the Marc Kaufman Fur Family has been manufacturing, designing, repairing, altering and providing cold storage and fur cleaning for fur stores and individuals. With over 100 years of fur expertise “Marc Kaufman Furs”

“A name you could trust with all of your fur needs”

“Experience Does Matter”

World renowned for our luxurious furs and craftsmanship, our fur coats are worn by socialites, celebrities, hip hop artists and just ordinary people that want to be warm and look beautiful. When you purchase a Marc Kaufman Furs you know that you are getting quality, reliability, and great customer care and service.

Marc Kaufman Furs has the most complete selection of the finest fashion furs, full length mink coats, mink strollers, mink jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers. And for the softest in furs we have the finest Mink coats, Mink jackets, Chinchilla coats, Chinchilla jackets, Lynx coats, Lynx jackets, Sable coats, Sable Jackets and many other types of fur jackets and fur coats. A full range of fur colors including mahogany mink, black mink, and whiskey mink. All furs at very attractive prices. We can also customize a color to your individual taste.

Special Orders is our Speciality. We can take a collar from one coat, a sleeve treatment from another coat, a color form another coat, It”s all your Choice.

Hooded Whiskey-colored Sculptured Mink Jacket, now on Clearance from Marc Kaufman Furs NYC
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