Post Malone Patchwork Mink Coat 50 Cent

Post Malone fur coat

Post Malone 50 Cent wearing Patchwork Mink Coat

Post Malone Patchwork Mink Coat , 50 Cents new artist is wearing a 1970’s throwback patchwork mink coat with a silver fox fur collar.

On a corner of 37th st and 3rd ave, at the dark of night,in NYC stands 50 Cent and Marc Kaufman. The back door lifts of the Mercedes ML 350 and the 1970’s throwback patchwork mink coat with silver fox collar is laying there. 50 Cent said how much, this is perfect for Post Malone. Marc Kaufman said, this is new, not out there yet, agreed this will be perfect. The hatch closes 50 Cent takes  the coat, Jumps back into his Suv and he goes.

This fur was carefully designed to give the flair of 2016, but the history of furs in the 1970’S. The silver fox collar was added to give the extra flair the fur needed to modernize.

Post Malone 50 Cent mink coat patchwork

50 Cent post Malone patchwork mink coat

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Patchwork mink coat

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Classic Furs with Elegance Celebrities in Fur

Rita Hayworth in Fur

Classic furs Rita Hayworth

Classic furs have the aura of royalty. There is an allure to them,especially when adorned by celebrity personalities. The film industry, in the early to mid portion of the 20th century , incorporated the classic fur into the fabric of the hollywood mystique.

Betty Grable classic furs

Classic furs Betty grable

Betty Grable (image insert above) was one of the first hollywood studio system actresses to make the fur statement in film. Grable’s popularity was second to none at the time.

Lana Turner in classic fur

Classic furs Lana Turner

Lana Turner was no stranger to the fur coat. Lana was another studio system actress who gained popularity in the 40’s- early 50’s. Classic furs owe a part of it’s mystique to the presence of Lana Turner.

Jayne Mansfield in classic fur

Classic Fur Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was a sex symbol that helped to propel the glamour of the fur coat. Classic furs were best presented on the sex symbols of that time.Jayne Mansfield was the early 50’s sex symbol who embodied the fur mystique.Her popularity and love for the classic fur,propelled the fur coat to new levels of attention among mainstream America at the time.

Rihanna wears fur coats on red carpets

Classic furs Rihanna

Fast forward to 2016,the classic fur presence continues to be elevated by persona’s such as Rihanna (above image). There is a new generational interest in the mystique and glamour of the fur coat. Marc Kaufman Furs continues to provide the highest quality designer furs in the industry. A vast array of fur coats can be found at Marc Kaufman Furs online. The social networking sites such as Marc Kaufman Furs Facebook and Marc Kaufman Furs Instagram warehouse a real time set of updates regarding events, specials and new fur designs. Classic furs continue to reign along with new contemporary fur coat designs. Let Marc Kaufman Furs expedite your fur experience in 2016!


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Celebrity Fashion in Fur Coats

Celebrity sightings are a paranormal experience for quite a few people . It is surreal for many. Here this person stands. Sport,entertainment,political…no matter the figure, it is an endorphin rush for the populace who follow such individuals. Albeit,they are still merely flesh and bone,as are we all,there is a certain reverence afforded them in many corners.This reverence is born out of an overwhelming adoration for their respective bodies of work in their given fields. The global fashion community seeks out such celebrity sightings as a form of validation for their apparel contributions to the masses. Simply put,the celebrity in question wears apparel from a designer of said apparel.The celebrity is photographed wearing the apparel item in question. The photograph is published in various media formats.The designer is mentioned.The masses now connect the designer as an apparel power broker of note.The rest is validation supreme.All of this based on a celebrity sighting in any given wardrobe ensemble or item. A recent example of this,would be boxer Tyson Fury sporting a men’s chinchilla fur stroller designed and manufactured by renowned furrier Marc Kaufman in the USA. See the image below from the Daily Mirror in the UK.

Celebrity Sightings

Celebrity Fashion Tyson Fury chinchilla coatscelebrities in furs, celebrity wearing furs, c


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