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Refashioning Your Mom’s Old Fur

You found a great old mink in your mom’s attic that she says you can have. But one sleeve is ripped, or it’s just hopelessly outdated. What can you doRead More

Professional Fur Storage Fur Cleaning Fur Remodeling Fur Repairs

Protect your investment To maintain the quality and life of a fur coat, cold fur storage is an essential part of the maintenance required along with proper fur cleaning. StoreRead More

Marc Kaufman Furs Fur Remodeling Repairs Fur Restyling

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC Fur Remodeling Fur Restyling This is a brand new design for 2012-2013 Fur Season. We took an old mink coat, re styled it, and this isRead More

Update Your Old Fur Remodel Your Fur Into Something Fashionable

Extend the Lifespan of Your Fur If you are simply tired of your old fur and you find yourself not wearing it, a simple fur remodel will transform your furRead More