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What to Wear with a Fur Vest? 10 Fur Vest Ideas

What to Wear with a Fur Vest? 10 Fur Vest Ideas

  A fur vest reigns supreme as one of the evergreen fashion trends. They allow their wearers to choose and pick from a wide range of never-ending styles. Their versatilityRead More

Fur Designers Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Designers Fur Designers are the key to trend setting fur fashions,globally Fur designers are the mainstays and primary components of the fur business. They are the ones who determineRead More

Give Your Old Fur A Facelift!

Getting an “old favorite” a little fashionable remodeling is always a wise investment; but what styles are the biggest hits this Season? Hooded Casper Demi Mink Coat, Now only $4495 onRead More

Refashioning Your Mom’s Old Fur

You found a great old mink in your mom’s attic that she says you can have. But one sleeve is ripped, or it’s just hopelessly outdated. What can you doRead More

Wear Fur, It’s The Eco-Friendly Choice

Wear Fur, It’s The Eco-Friendly Choice FUR IS BIODEGRADABLE Real fur is an organic material. « Faux fur » (fake fur) and most synthetics are made from petrochemicals. Like otherRead More

Fabulous Fur Vests MInk Vests Lynx Vests Fox Vests

We have the largest selection of the finest fashion fur vests We carry in stock lynx vests, mink vests, fox vests, sheared mink vests and many other fur vests inRead More

Hottest Fur Trends Fur Vests by Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Flawless and Functional Fur Vests This Fall’s Hottest Trend With the temperature finally falling, we are allowed to start pulling out our fall/winter wardrobe. Not until December or January doRead More