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This Is What A $1 Million Fendi Fur Coat With Silver

This Is What A $1 Million Fendi Fur Coat With Silver

This Is What A $1 Million Fur Coat With Silver Tips Looks Like Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images. From his omnipresent crew of attractive men to his far-flung runway locales andRead More

Rihanna Beautiful Mink Coat

Rihanna steps out in baggy layers but adds extravagant touch with a mink coat the same one which caused uproar last year By MailOnline Reporter Published: 00:02 EST, 1 November 2014Read More

London can’t get enough of Russian Fur Russian Furs

Fashion archive: London can’t get enough of Russian fur 7 December 1960: In an increasingly wealthy Europe, fur has ceased to be the hallmark of privilege, moving into the realms ofRead More

Would you rather go naked than wear a fur coat? Nope!

How did fur, once taboo, become so acceptable – desirable even – again? Elizabeth Day investigates an ethical dilemma that goes to the heart of the fashion industry. Keira KnightleyRead More

High Fashion’s Love Affair With Fur

High Fashion’s Love Affair With Fur

Pick up just about any glossy fashion magazine this time of year & you will be unable to miss the Season’s most enduring luxe trend: fur; in every color andRead More

Classic Fur Silhouettes with a Contemporary Twist

Striped Red Fox Fur Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC Fur’s global popularity can’t be overlooked, much less dismissed. The international fashion world is showcasing fur’s luxe characteristics in extraordinaryRead More

More White Haute Furs

White fur stole with crystal embellishments from Marc Kaufman Furs  in NYC As the mercury drops, the northern wind blows and the first snow is falling the focus moves to warmRead More

Mink Coat Madness

Mink Coat Madness

While some trends come and go (we’re looking at you, mesh), fur has stuck around. Over the years, icons from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna have embraced fur, and the luxeRead More