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Fox Fur Jackets, Canadian Lynx Coats at Marc Kaufman NYC

Fox Fur Jackets, Canadian Lynx Coats at Marc Kaufman NYC Silver Fox Fur Jacket Sheared Mink Fur Jacket with Fox Black Fox Fur Vest Dyed Blue Fox Fur Vest ShearedRead More

Marc Kaufman Fur Collection inspired by Capitalistic Blonde

Marc Kaufman Fur Collection inspired by Capitalistic Blonde Famed for her vintage silverscreen Hollywood style and her love of high-end furs, we are pleased to introduce Capitalistic Blonde, Kaufman Furs luxuryRead More

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC Fur Coupons Discounts

Hot Deals on Designer Furs Visit our website for more deals on fur storage and fur cleaning at kaufmanfurs.com Since 1910 the Marc Kaufman Fur Family has been manufacturing furRead More

Marc Kaufman Fox Furs and Lynx Furs Jackets Strollers

Marc Kaufman Furs Brand New Fox & Lynx Furs Collection Marc Kaufman Furs NYC has the most exquisite and largest selection of fur garments known world-wide: from Fox fur jacketsRead More

Lady Gaga Defends Her Fur Coats ‘Fabulous’ Kim Kardashian

On MTV News: Mother Monster pens a letter to fans requesting they respect her decision to wear fur clothing. Just days after Lady Gaga fired back at PETA for criticizingRead More