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Refashioning Your Mom’s Old Fur

You found a great old mink in your mom’s attic that she says you can have. But one sleeve is ripped, or it’s just hopelessly outdated. What can you doRead More

Seduced by Fur Scarves

Seduced by Fur Scarves Scarves are the ultimate Fall/Winter accessory because they can “class” up any outfit without even trying. Want a quick way to turn jeans and a t-shirt intoRead More

Foxy Fall Fur Fashions

Foxy Fall Fur Fashions

Foxy Fall Fur Fashions If mink is the king of furs for consumers, fox is its close runner-up. Those two furs are the fur titans of the fashion world. Choosing a furRead More

Wrap Yourself Up In The Season’s Most Luxurious Gift

Wrap Yourself Up In The Season’s Most Luxurious Gift

These past few seasons we witnessed fur fashion designers reinterpret the vest into a myriad of lengths, shapes, and overall use that ranged from the classic men’s third suit item to cuirass-likeRead More

Fur Vests, One of The Most Sought-After Trends of The Season

By now, anyone doubting the popularity of the fur vest needs to capitulate. This sartorial item is fast becoming one of the most sought-after garments in years. Not long ago, mostRead More

Trend Report from Fall/Winter 2013/14 Paris Fashion Week

Fur was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. The French translation, la fourrure, features a purring intervocalic R; it’s almost a meow. We also noticed that fur didn’t just mean coats; weRead More

White Fur: The Epitome of Chic Modernity

White Fur: The Epitome of Chic Modernity

To say there is something precious and elegant about white fur is an understatement. A touch of white mink, or fox, reads as much Old Hollywood glamour as it does Patrician elegance, and isRead More

Black Furs, A Sophisticated Classic Reinvented

There is something extremely sophisticated about black furs. From the way light flirts with their rich textures to their radiating luster, black furs are often considered – and chosen – for moreRead More