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Marc Kaufman Furs Winter Weather Forecast 2013-2014

Winter Weather Forecast 2013-2014 | Another extreme winter for many parts of the US Grey Fox and Blue Finnish Raccoon Fur CoatMarc Kaufman Furs is the Largest Fur Store inRead More

Christmas Gift Christmas Stunning Fur Coats Fur Jackets

Christmas Gift Christmas Stunning Fur Coats Fur Jackets

Fur Coats and Fur Jackets as Christmas Gifts are Perfect for Your Love! Have you thought about what your significant other would want for Christmas? Look no further. We haveRead More

How to Storage a Fur Coat Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

How to Store a Fur Coat During the Summer Season How to maintain the quality and life of a fur coat, cold fur storage is an essential part of theRead More

Man Turns Roadkill Into Furs

Man Turns Roadkill Into Furs This Christmas, if you got something warm and furry to wear on your head…you may want to think about this next story. One man hasRead More

Ready for your First Fur

Are you a fur fan too? Or a virgin ready for your very first? Either way, I know you want one… The fur trade has been around for as longRead More

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC Largest Fur Store in the NY Fur Market Designer Furs

Designer Mink Collection at Marc Kaufman Furs Designer Furs Mink Coats Full length Mink Coat We are showing a beautiful selection of the finest fashion full length mink coats atRead More

Fabulous Fur Vests MInk Vests Lynx Vests Fox Vests

We have the largest selection of the finest fashion fur vests We carry in stock lynx vests, mink vests, fox vests, sheared mink vests and many other fur vests inRead More

Marc Kaufman Furs Price Living Wealthy Up

Cost of Living Extremely Well Index: The Price of Living Large Is Up The goods and services tracked in this article are not life’s essentials–even for the ultra-wealthy. Home, family,Read More