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Fur Maintenance

You’ve taken that leap, finally invested in a gorgeous fur garment. With the right care there is no reason it cannot keep you warm and looking resplendent for many years to come.

Full Length Platinum Fox Fur Coat 4

Full Length Platinum Fox Fur Coat, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs

After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your furs and leather goods. Our processes will help preserve your furs, extending their life span and assuring you years of enjoyment.

fur cleaning

Professional Fur Cleaning

Mink Strollers

Mink Strollers

Fur and fur-trimmed apparel should be cleaned annually, by a professional furrier like Marc Kaufman. Never attempt to clean a fur garment at home or to bring your precious pieces to your local dry cleaners’. Solvents used in standard dry cleaning processes may leave the fur flat or may cause the fur to fall out. Unlike cloth, which is cleaned by immersion, fur is cleaned by abrasion.

Green Camouflage Pink Fox Fur Trim

Green Camouflage Pink Fox Fur Trim

After being carefully cleaned, your fur garment is then glazed to bring out the sheen and make it soft and fluffy. Flat curly furs such as broadtail are pressed with a special type of waxed paper to give them added sheen. Fur-trimmed garments and fur accessories should be treated like fur coats and cleaned only by a professional furrier. Fur cleaning and glazing is an essential practice for protecting the natural luster and supple texture of your fur garments. All furs need to be professionally cleaned and glazed each year, not only to preserve the garment’s exterior, but also the leather underside and interior lining.

Red Knit Mink Poncho

Red Knit Mink Poncho

In addition to your furs professionally cleaned, conditioned and glazed, proper climate controlled, cold storage is also important to protecting your fur.

Fur storage

Cold fur storage

Fur Cleaning

We provide expert fur coat cleaning, fur coat conditioning services, leather coat cleaning, leather coat conditioning, shearling coat cleaning and coat conditioning. We also expertly clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats and most specialty outerwear.

Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim

Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim

Professional cleaning and care will extend the life of your fur garment. If your fur coat gets wet from rain or snow, simply shake it out and hang it to dry in an open space away from heat. After the fur has dried, give it another shake and the hairs will fall back into place. If you spill anything other than water on your fur coat, Do not rub the excess moisture away. Take it to down to Marc Kaufman Furs for immediate attention!

Red Mink Jacket

Red Mink Jacket

Check out Marc Kaufman Furs’ new collection of Russian sable coats, mink strollers, fox jackets, Canadian lynx jackets, American lynx jackets, knit mink capes, and chinchilla coats or create or design your own mink coats, fox coats, or any type of furs. Or we can custom make fur garments to your specifications.

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Red Fox Fur Stroller with Belt & Hood, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC


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