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Lady Gaga’s love for real fur is not hidden. She once called it the “museum pièce de résistance”. Indeed, it is hard not to complement the best real fur coats, particularly how classy and elegant they can make their wearer look.

However, real not only about looks; it offers much more than you think. Once you learn about the benefits of real, you are going to definitely going to search for real fur online!

Incomparable Warmth

Silver fox section vest

Sometimes, faux is so meticulously manufactured that it is mistaken for real fur. So, how to know if fur is real? Well, it is quite easy because faux fur may copy visual aesthetics, but it cannot duplicate the natural and intrinsic characteristics of a real fur.

Nature has blessed some animals with a thick fur that allows them to survive in the harshest of temperatures. In order to attain the same level of warmth, an average person has to wear several layers of man-made coating to shield them from the unforgiving icy winds.

Thus, a real fur such a sable fur coat can help you become comfortably warm without banking on the expense of a bulkier outfit.

Versatile Textures

You can identify real fur by simply running your fingers around the fur and feel its highly luxurious texture. Some people like a plush touch while others are happier with hard furs—as they say: different strokes for different folks.


The only alternative for real furs are faux. However, petroleum-based products use synthetics in the manufacturing process. As petroleum is non-renewable, faux animal print coats draws ire from environmentally conscious individuals. Furthermore, faux fur is not really the best luxury clothing material out there.

Petroleum is responsible for the wastage of resources. The compound is difficult to extract, transport, and process. Some environmental groups are also skeptical that the excessive dependence on petroleum-based products will lead to major wars in the future.

Faux fur is not biodegradable. The petrochemical microfibers in fake inflict damage to water sources, along with all the living things in it.

Not only does the faux finishes its lifespan and is worn out after some years, the heavy use of chemicals in its production further affect the sanctity of human environment.

On the other hand, animals are renewable as they are composed of biodegradable elements. This means that after they die, they slowly begin to degrade without causing any harm to the environment. Same is the case with their fur.

The Evergreen Fashion Statement

Real fur is not only used to keep you comfortable and warm when you step outside for a chilly walk, it can complement your outfit and bring out your glamorous side. While looking for real fur online in NYC, you can pick a chic and modern winter coat.

Usually, fashion trends are erratic; a person wearing a two-year old style may invite a few unimpressed and condescending stares from an event. This is where the imperishable magic of real truly saves the day; it was trendy in 1999, it remained trendy in 2009, and it is still trendy today in 2019! Safe to assume that if you purchase real fur online, you can wear it to make a fashion statement in 2029 as well.

The Safest Option

Studies have revealed the fact that the use of synthetic compounds can increase the likelihood of various diseases: cancer, infertility, and respiratory issues.

On the other hand, real fur has been saving lives of animals for quite some time. When you have such a secure natural alternative at hand, why change the winning formula?

No Compromise on Comfortdemi mink cape with a Canadian lynx hood

While the warmth factor is an important consideration to look for real fur online but this does not mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. The organic nature of real fur allows it to breathe, providing the wearer with optimal comfort.

If you are suspicious regarding your fur’s authenticity, just wear it. If your furs seem to lack breathability, which in turn can accumulate sweat and causes overheating, you can actually take it as a sign that it is not the real material.

Since faux animal print struggles with breathing, it causes perspiration and overheating to the user’s body. What’s worse is that if you take off the coat, the newly-created moisture can force you to deal with the additional cold.



Man-made is prone to shedding. Sometimes, lack of adhesives triggers this defect; as a consequence, the fur is unable to glue all its hairs and slowly begins to lose them over time. Expect embarrassing situations in future when either your coat leaves some hair after sitting or when you see a friend or colleague sheepishly grin on your coat’s bare spots.black fox fur vest

Even if your purchases fake fur from a reputable brand, the shedding conundrum continues. This is because synthetic fibers are not resistant to regular wear and tear. As such, your body parts such as the back that often touch various surfaces, can weaken the fur and make it lose hair.

Conversely, the resiliency of real fur is the stuff of legends; it does not come with any shedding defects and neither can it flounder and lose hair due to normal wear and tear.

However, some responsibility also lies in your hands. Make sure that you don’t apply any sort of heating on your fur such as a hairdryer. If it rains, then you must let it dry naturally; therefore, while looking for real online, make sure to have an additional Kaufman fur as a backup.

Marc Kaufman 

Whether you want a coat, jacket or accessories in mink, sable, lynx, chinchilla or any other types of fur, you are going to need a trustworthy brand. As such, you can instantly order online by contacting Marc Kaufman, a popular fur wholesaler in New York City.