Celebrities in Fur

But not all celebs choose to go fur-less. And, let it get below zero in some parts of the country, and see just how many people turn a warm fur away. When temps at New York Fashion Week dipped too low, celebs fought the the frigid weather with fur and, let those temps start seriously falling, and, guess what, they’ll do it again. Check out the celebrities who don’t care what PETA has to say and still rock fur coats and accessories anyway! celebrities in furs, actor in fur coat, artists in furs, celebrities in fur coat, celebrity in fur vest, celebrity in fur jacket, celebrities wearing furs, furs on celebrities, sexy celebrity in fur coat

Marc Kaufman Furs NY Beyonce Eye Spy Under All That Fur?

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Fur, The Hot Trend For Fall/ Winter Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur – Hot Trend For Fall/ Winter Fur is a hot trend for the current season. At least one third of designers used it in their collections. Natural fur, artificialRead More

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J Lo poses In A Fox Fur Coat Vanity Fair

J Lo poses In A Fox Fur Coat Vanity Fair Mario Testino/Vanity Fair Jennifer Lopez has come under fire from animal rights groups by posing for Vanity Fair magazine inRead More

Marc Kaufman Furs NY Celebrities Who Wear Fur Look Great in Them

Celebrities Who Wear Fur and Look Great in Them Fur-Wearin’ Celebs Fur used to be something only your granny would wear, but nowadays it’s draped around the shoulders of modelsRead More

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50 Cent and Marc kaufman Furs Rick Ross

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History of The Fur Business

The History of The Fur Business Russian fur trade Before the colonization of the Americas, Russia was a major supplier of fur-pelts to Western Europe and parts of Asia. FurRead More