Celebrity Fur Trends

Most Expensive Russian Sable Fur Blanket Ever Sold

Most Expensive Russian Sable Fur Blanket Ever Sold

The most expensive Russian sable fur blanket ever sold this week in NYC’s garment district to a notorious member of a prominent royal family whose name we are not atRead More

Will Blue Furs Be The New Black of 2014 Fur Trends?!

Is blue the new black? “Dazzling blue” has widely been named a “key color” for 2014. This calm and cool hue becomes even more vibrant when it involves a furRead More

White Haute Furs

White Haute Furs

White, in all its clean, crisp splendor, is fast becoming a go-to choice for fur designs. White, the de facto anti-color, is featured in a multitude of looks and shade variations thatRead More

Fur Vests, One of The Most Sought-After Trends of The Season

By now, anyone doubting the popularity of the fur vest needs to capitulate. This sartorial item is fast becoming one of the most sought-after garments in years. Not long ago, mostRead More

Trend Report from Fall/Winter 2013/14 Paris Fashion Week

Fur was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. The French translation, la fourrure, features a purring intervocalic R; it’s almost a meow. We also noticed that fur didn’t just mean coats; weRead More

Mixing & Matching Furs

To say that nothing is sacred in fashion is truly an understatement. If the past two Fall/Winter collections are any indication, the mixing of furs – as well as mixing furs with a wide variety of otherRead More

Supermodels Wear Furs To Work & Play

From runway to reality, Supermodels are admired for their statuesque style and striking beauty. Their wardrobes run the gamut from polished and sophisticated, to wild and fantastical. One constant that manyRead More