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Furs Need The “Big Chill” Cold Fur Storage

Furs Need The “Big Chill” Cold Fur Storage

OK, winter is done.The chill in the air has transformed into a lithe breeze.The nimbostratus and alto clouds(snow bearing) have given way to cumulus clouds(rain bearing).Spring has come calling asRead More

Furs Rock In 2016 Best Furs on Earth

Furs Rock In 2016 Best Furs on Earth

t 2016 is the year of the contemporary fur. The winter season is in full swing and the collective fashion consciousness gears towards clothing articles that generate warmth and  glamour.TheRead More

Celebrities in Fur Coats Jackets

Celebrities in Fur Coats Jackets

Furs have an air of exclusivity.They are the ultimate finishing touch for just about any ensemble. they wreak of celebrity status..they really do. The politics aside, they are truly aRead More

24 Carat Gold Mink Fur Stoller

New York City Furrier Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Patented Technique On November 28th 2015 Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC signed a contract with Nobline of Switzerland, becomingRead More

Will Blue Furs Be The New Black of 2014 Fur Trends?!

Is blue the new black? “Dazzling blue” has widely been named a “key color” for 2014. This calm and cool hue becomes even more vibrant when it involves a furRead More

Seduced by Fur Scarves

Seduced by Fur Scarves Scarves are the ultimate Fall/Winter accessory because they can “class” up any outfit without even trying. Want a quick way to turn jeans and a t-shirt intoRead More

Trend Report from Fall/Winter 2013/14 Paris Fashion Week

Fur was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter. The French translation, la fourrure, features a purring intervocalic R; it’s almost a meow. We also noticed that fur didn’t just mean coats; weRead More

Trend Report from New York Fashion Week

Fur has made a major comeback on the New York runways this Season as the Recession recedes behind us and people feel increasingly comfortable about spending money. The interpretation this go-aroundRead More