Fur Prices 2013 2014

Fur Prices Continue to rise due to high demand. The new fur skin increases will be at least 35% for the 2013 2014 fur selling season

Classic Furs with Elegance Celebrities in Fur

Classic furs have the aura of royalty. There is an allure to them,especially when adorned by celebrity personalities. The film industry, in the early to mid portion of the 20thRead More

Fur Fashion Statement Ultimate Luxury

Fur Fashion Statement Ultimate Luxury

Fur is a fashion statement. There is no doubt about this.A quality,well crafted fur is a desired fashion component for one’s wardrobe. Male or female, the statement known as furRead More

Celebrity Fashion in Fur Coats

Celebrity Fashion in Fur Coats

Celebrity sightings are a paranormal experience for quite a few people . It is surreal for many. Here this person stands. Sport,entertainment,political…no matter the figure, it is an endorphin rush forRead More

Joe Namath Coyote Fur Jacket Helped Prevent Injuries

Coyotes are wild animals, too many of them are entering human territory. If not controlled, many more human attacks will occur besides the loss of many pets. by Steve Lieberman,Read More

Tourists Buy Fur Coats

Fur may not be to everyone’s taste but tourists can’t get enough As temperatures soar up to 50C in the UAE, some tourists are bypassing the beachwear, instead shopping toRead More

Fur Prices Rise

Furs fly as Chinese consumers drive boom in U.S. mink farming By P.J. Huffstutter (Reuters) – Battered by the economic downturn and years of animal rights activism in their ownRead More

Mink Prices Skyrocket

US mink pelt prices skyrocket Hooded Mink Stroller with Russian Sable Fur Cuffs & Trim, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC Demand in China grows faster than supply SHEBOYGANRead More

Fur Making Comeback

Fur making comeback Trend shows attitudes about animal pelts changing, fashion and fur experts say KEITH BEATY / TORONTO STAR file photo Fur garments figured prominently in designer Travis Taddeo’sRead More