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El Nina This Way Cometh! Fur coat Lovers Unite!

El Nina This Way Cometh! Fur coat Lovers Unite!

Fur Coat lovers everywhere,be advised,El Nina will shake weather patterns up this coming winter 2016-17. This past winter (2015-16) was beyond mild and with little true bite to it. ThatRead More

Classic Furs with Elegance Celebrities in Fur

Classic furs have the aura of royalty. There is an allure to them,especially when adorned by celebrity personalities. The film industry, in the early to mid portion of the 20thRead More

Mink Jackets Mania Amazing Furs

Mink Jackets have such wonderful texture. They possess a surreal softness,yet they hold up under the worst of chills. This is the reason why mania exists! Fur coats are theRead More

Furs Need The “Big Chill” Cold Fur Storage

Furs Need The “Big Chill” Cold Fur Storage

OK, winter is done.The chill in the air has transformed into a lithe breeze.The nimbostratus and alto clouds(snow bearing) have given way to cumulus clouds(rain bearing).Spring has come calling asRead More

24 Carat Gold Mink Fur Stoller

New York City Furrier Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Patented Technique On November 28th 2015 Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC signed a contract with Nobline of Switzerland, becomingRead More

The Best in Fur Editorials, A Look Back At A Year in Furs

A Year in Furs Between the saturation of magazine editorials celebrating the luxurious diversity of fur fashions, and hundreds of pages of designer ads showcasing the prevalence of fur in collections;Read More

Aviator Inspired Look Fur Jackets Reimagined

Aviator Inspired Look Fur Jackets Reimagined

Dark Green Plucked Beaver Jacket Buckled Sleeves and Belt from Marc Kaufman Furs Fashion inspiration can come from many directions. References that are particularly strong and marketable allow a woman toRead More

Classic Fur Silhouettes with a Contemporary Twist

Striped Red Fox Fur Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC Fur’s global popularity can’t be overlooked, much less dismissed. The international fashion world is showcasing fur’s luxe characteristics in extraordinaryRead More