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Celebrities and Fur: A Powerhouse Combination

By FurInsider on December 7, 2012 in Billboard, Celebs in Fur, Featured Articles, Trend Watch
Whether it’s rock stars or reality stars, one common fashion thread that ties Hollywood’s brightest stars, past and present, together is the fact that they LOVE their fur! For the celebrities of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, fur defined them as not only glamorous, but also as refined symbols of stature, wealth and high-fashion…the same applies to today’s divas.


1930′s old Hollywood screen siren Marlene Dietrich and her counterparts wore fur as a staple in their wardrobe.


Diamonds and furs were Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite calling cards


The ultimate symbol of glamor and sex appeal in the 50s and 60 was Marilyn Monroe who loved to wear white mink


Kid Rock looking very ‘pimp chic’ from head to toe


Pint-sized reality star Snooki loves her fur boots


Socialite Paris Hilton helped to build the love affair for young people with fur


Christina Aguilera often steps out in fur for her red carpet walk


A young Mick Jagger wearing a fur trim hood in the 60s


Kanye West is often seen running about town dressed in fur

No matter the generation, fur’s limitless diversity has helped to glamorize and amplify some of the biggest personalities that have shaped pop culture for decades.


Foxy Brown and other female rappers make fur a focal part of their lyrics


Dame Elizabeth Taylor attended her Diamond Jubilee 75 Birthday party decked out in diamonds and furs


Jay Z snuggles up to his wife Beyonce wearing a fur trapper’s hat


Vogue Anna Wintour attends the 2012 Met Ball Gala in a white mink stole


Business mogul and designer Ivanka Trump was photographed taking her little one out Trick or Treating this year in a mink coat


Country crooner Trace Adkins performed wearing a fur lined overcoat with mink collar at the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade


P. Diddy and Kate Moss in a Vogue feature shoot in 1999

For today’s female and male celebs, fur has a much more casual and fluid role as it is often chosen to reflect innate personality and swagger, as opposed to trying to create a fabricated alter ego. Ingrained in our pop culture as a wardrobe staple, we see fur being worn by a wide range of high-profile fashion lovers for every occasion imaginable, and throughout all seasons.


Lady Gaga wears a cute and colorful Armani fur poncho from the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection


Pop stars Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith celebrate their love of fur in a young and hip way


Child star Raven Symoné chose to wear fur to shoot her PSA campaign ad


A very pregnant Jessica Simpson wore a fox-trimmed fur wrap to look chic while concealing her growing baby bump



Straight off the fall 2012 runway, Nicki Minaj wears her Jeremy Scott rainbow fur jacket to an interview at a radio station


Diva songbird Aritha Franklin looks majestic in her floor length white mink coat


Kim Kardashian’s fur sleeve screams personality and self confidence


A sampling of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s ensembles while doing court-assigned community service in 2007

Surely this age-old love affair with fur is here to stay. As more and more designers experiment with luxurious fur in their collections, and more and more top fashion and lifestyle magazine worldwide feature it in-book , the obsession with this textile will only continue to grow bigger and bigger! This utter saturation and penetration of fur fashion into mainstream consciousness has created a new and younger crop of fur wearers, which ultimately secures the wonderfully vibrant future of fur…especially among Hollywood celebs.


Fur Fashions from the Fall/Winter 2012-13 shows of Chris Benz, Oscar de la Renta and Acne


Marc Jacobs runway Fall 2012 show during Mercedes Benz fashion week


BCBG runway Fall 2012 show during Mercedes Benz fashion week


December 2012 Jan 2013 Harpers Bazaar cover featuring a fur piece for Zandra Rhodes by Pologeorgis


Linda Evangelista on the cover of Vogue Russia’s December 2012 issue


L’Officiel Netherlands December 2012 cover


Rapper 2‑Chainz on the cover of the December 2012 issue of The Source


Hollywood celeb offspring; Stella McDermott, Honor Warren and Anja Mazur all looking very fashionable and cute in their fur vests


Beyonce and Jay Z have passed along their love of fur to their little one Blue Ivy who was seen earlier this year being transported in a fur sling


Adorable Suri Cruise bundles up in her miniature fur

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