50 Cent Uncle Murda Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman Furs was part of the Uncle Murda and 50 Cent “THOT” video shoot. The video was shot in Brooklyn,NYC January 12,2017. The video featured Young Ma and Dios Moreno as well. The Fur coats were furnished by Marc Kaufman Furs. It was a fur-ious set, filled with great energy and powered by hip hop phenomenon, 50 Cent. Marc Kaufman Furs furnished fox coats, coyote fur coats, silver fox fur coats, blue fox fur coats, and the signature Marc kaufman Furs throwback, patchwork mink coats worn by Snoop DoggGucci ManePost Malone and others.

Marc Kaufman,owner of Marc Kaufman Furs, was on the set with celebrity stylist Messiah McNair. They both tended to the overall look of the fur presentation on the artists. The video will be in release shortly in early 2017. Look for the signature Marc Kaufman fur coats throughout the video shoot.