Celebrities in Furs

Famous People Wearing Furs

For centuries celebrities in fur has been viewed as fashion statement and a sign of class. Queens, Kings, celebrities and noblemen have embraced furs, such as ermine and sable for status.

On our Marc Kaufman Fur website, we feature over 100 celebrities that have embraced our product.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a golden island full length fox coat that can be seen in the movie Hustler.

Joe Namath is sporting a coyote jacket that was worn at the coin in the Superbowl in 2014.

Puffy is fashioning a full length whiskey mink coat that was purchased for the Superbowl in 2018.

This is just a sampling of the incredible fur coats and fur jackets Marc Kaufman Furs designs and manufacturers.

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La La White Mink Fur Bomber Jacket

La La White Mink Fur Jacket

Marc Kaufman Lil Kim Back In the Day Demi Mink Fur jacket

Lil Kim Mahogany Mink Fur Jacket Fox Cuff

Slick Rick Blue Mink Fur Stroller

Slick Rick Mans Royal Blue Mink Fur Stroller

Gloria Velez Ranch Mink Coat Silver Fox Collar Cuffs

Gloria Valez Ranch Mink Fur Coat Silver Fox Collar

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Eclipse Sapphire Mink Fur Bomber Jacket Chinchilla Collar

Marilyn Monroe White Mink Fur Coat

Marilyn in White Mink Fur Coat

Rasheeda Wallace Fabulous mink Fox jacket

Rasheeda Wallace Black Sheared Rabbit Jacket Trimmed In Fox

Michael Blackson Ranch Mink Jacket Egypt White Mink Jacket

Michael Blackson White Mink Fur Jacket

Green Mink Jacket Hooded

Remy Martin Green Sheared Mink Fur Jacket

Marc Kaufman Furs presents a Camouflage Mink Bomber Jacket in New York City, Fur coats in Baltimore, fur coats in Chicago, fur coats in Detroit, fur coats in Los Angeles, fur coats in Detroit, fur coats in orange county, fur coats in Atlanta, fur coats in Denver, fur coats in Dallas, fur coats in Seattle, fur coats in Portland, fur coats in Santiago, fur coats in Portugal, fur coats in Madrid

Akilah McCoy Camoflage Mink Fur Jacket

Kaufman Furs Murda Mamis

Dj Barry Blends Queenpen Marc Kaufman Furs

Queen Pen & Barry Blends Marc Kaufman Furs

Egypt Fabulous Mink

Egypt Sheared Mink Fur Jacket Fox Hood

Dj Barry Blends in Fur

DJ Barry Blends Curt Flirt Power 105 White Black Mink Jacket Rex Rabbit Bomber

Marc Kaufman Furs Presents a white and blue mink fur Jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs New York,fur coats in Argentina,fur coats in Columbia,fur coats in Mexico,fur coats in Australia,fur coats in South Africa,fur coats in Kuwait,fur coats in Tunisia,fur coats in Jordan,fur coats in Israel,fur coats in Germany,fur coats in India,fur coats in Egypt

Kevin Hart Blue Mans White Mink Jacket