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In the last post, we discussed some celebrities who love to wear fur. In this post, we are going to continue
with a few more stars who cannot seem to get enough of fur coats and accessories.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Hustler Movie Furs Golden Isle Fur Coat

Jennifer Lopez Golden Isle Fox Coat Hustler Movie

Lopez began her career as a dancer on In Living Color in the early 1990s. Soon, she ventured into acting and got a breakthrough with Selena, earning a $1 million salary—a record-breaking feat based on her Latin ancestry—and received a Golden Globe nomination. By the release of her next series of movies, Anaconda and Out of Sight, her salary was the highest among her Latin peers, a commendable achievement considering she only chose acting five years.
Armed with confidence, Lopez set her sights on the music industry and released a debut studio album: On the 6, it helped to integrate American music with Latin pop. The release of her next movies—the Wedding Planner—and studio album—J. Lo—marked her as the first woman to have both a number one ranked movie and record at the same time. The early 2000s saw some setbacks in her acting career, but her music career went on to claim unprecedented heights.

Love for Fur

Jennifer Lopez likes fur so much that she even wore a white fur coat to give birth! Among all celebrities who love fur, there is hardly anyone who shared the same passion for fur as she does. She also posed for Vanity Fair in a white fox fur.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian songwriter and Singer. Bieber’s rise was linked to social media. In 2007, he posted a singing video on YouTube that was noticed by Scooter Braun, a talent manager. Braun actively pursued Bieber and after convincing his mother, he got him to sign RBMG, a venture that he co-founded along with Usher—a famous singer.

At the age of 14, in 2009, Bieber released his first EP: My World. It was an instant success and seven of his songs went on to feature in the US Billboard Hot 100. One year later, he enjoyed further success with his studio album: My World 2.0. The album reached the top spot in several countries at once. His single Baby was especially a viral hit; it is still among YouTube videos with the most views—exceeding 2 billion views at the moment. Thus, from being relatively unknown at 13, Bieber became an international star with an extensive fan following before he crossed his 17th birthday.

Afterward, he released Under the Mistletoe, Believe, and Purpose—all of these albums became major hits. Bieber has sold around 150 million records, a feat surpassed by a handful of singers. He is a recipient of many awards, including a Grammy award while he has been regularly mentioned in Forbes as one of the most powerful celebrities around the world.

Love for Fur

Justin Bieber has worn fur as a fashion statement far too often. He has been seen with acid-wash jeans, a plaid shirt, a beige sweater, and oversize fur jacket. Unlike some other celebrities, Bieber is intelligent enough to prefer real fur over faux fur due to the former’s unique charm. Moreover, Bieber has also used fur as a warmth source to tackle the L.A. cold as seen by his regular appearances in fur during L.A.’s winters.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been in the media for so long that sometimes it is hard to believe it is still only 33. That is because she debuted in the entertainment industry at 10. Back in 1998, she got her breakthrough with Disney’s The Parent Trap. As a result, she was cast in future Disney’s televised series of films.

Her career got an upswing with the release of 2004’s sleeper hit and one of the most popular female-centric movies of all time: Mean Girls. By that point, she was an international teen idol. Unfortunately, a series of legal and personal struggles led her career and image to take a nosedive. Meanwhile, alongside her rehabilitation efforts, Lohan took mature and short movie roles for the next few years.

Alongside her acting, Lohan also became known as a singer. Starting with her album Speak, she released several successful singles—her Bossy in 2008 reached the 1st spot in the Billboard Dance Club.

celebrities who wear fur love it for the beauty and warmth. 

Additionally, Lohan also displayed business acumen. She excelled in fashion designing and launched a clothesline: 6126. In 2014, she also released her own game for both Android and iOS that was received positively. After 2016, she has also opened multiple nightclubs in Greece.

Love for Fur

Lindsay Lohan does not mind paying for fur, as proved by her luxurious $75,000 fur coat. She has also shown a liking to mink coats. Her fur love got so intense that she was photographed wearing four fur coats in less than a weak. Once she wore a high collar and a cropped fur jacket. At another time, she wore a short dark brown fur coat. Similarly, she has also donned multi-toned, full-length, and flashy fur coat.

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