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Chinchilla Jackets Chinchilla Coats Chinchilla Stole Chinchilla Vest. We have the most complete selection of the finest fashion chinchilla jackets, chinchilla vests, chinchilla stoles and chinchilla furs. Any of our Chinchilla jackets and chinchilla fur coats we are showing can be made in any size or color. In addition, if you prefer a sleeve from one chinchilla jacket, a collar, from another chinchilla jacket (shawl, wing, notch, etc.) the length of a chinchilla chinchilla jacket or chinchilla coat, we can create the chinchilla fur to meet your specifications. We need 4-6 weeks to customize. Since we are the manufacturer, changes are easy. Marc Kaufman Furs NYC NY

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Chinchilla, by far is the softest of all the furs.

Chinchilla is the most delicate of all furs. Professionally cold storage annually is very important. Have your chinchilla coat cleaned and use a proper hanger. Cost per year of storage and cleaning should not exceed $150.

The natural color of the majority chinchilla skins come in black and white combination. Chinchilla furs can be dyed in most colors.

In most cases, a ripped chinchilla garment can be repaired. Use a professional furrier to do any repairs on a chinchilla fur coat or jacket.

The high cost of chinchilla is based off the quality of the furs and the craftsmanship in putting the furs together.

Yes, cleaning a chinchilla garment is necessary. Use a professional furrier for cleaning only.

Black Velvet is the most expensive chinchilla color.