We can remodel and cut down your old fur coat into a sporty fur stroller with a hood.

Dominique Shuminova in Hooded Ranch Mink Jacket (5)

Hooded Ranch Mink Jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs in New York City.

With cold weather setting in and fur coats coming out of storage, we asked a few furriers just what their clients were doing with some of the older fur coats handed down from mom or grandma. Getting an “old favorite” a little fashionable remodeling is always a wise investment; but what styles are currently big hits with clients?

All for the edgy, Rock n’ Roll look

Rock n’ Roll bling – edgy chic par excellence

Street Style shots from Paris Fashion Week (TeenVogue.com)

If you take mom or grandma’s 1980s full-length coat, for example, you can easily update it into several pieces to fit both your personal style and lifestyle. Not that we were that surprised with what we heard from Steven Cowit of Madison Avenue Furs: “Vests are hands down the most popular trend”, “Jackets are a new staple now”, “Scarves are loved by all (and that includes men too!).

The quintessential 1980s fur coat, the Park Avenue set

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture, circa 1988

Late 1980s fur styles, Grosvenor advertisement

1990-1991 fur style, Grosvenor advertisement

What did surprise us, though, news about the kind of clients coming in for these remodels. We’re talking clients in their late teens and early-20s who are obviously high school and college age fur aficionados. And these girls are making their appointments at their local furriers and know exactly what they want, showing up with the coats that belonged to their mothers or grandmothers.

Winter layering – Alpine sweater with fur jacket (TeenVogue.com)

Model Shu Pei gives us a lesson in understated cool with casual boyfriend khakis, fur vest, and notice-me-now platforms! (TeenVogue.com)

Jessica Love for Clueless Goth

The longhair chubby is inevitably favored, as it reads well and youthful, and can be styled with edgier looks from Rock n’ Roll to Goth or classic chic. The shorthair jackets are getting more steam this year and could very well become a wardrobe staple, like the denim jacket or the trench coat. With the price of mink at an all-time high, a good remodeling job on grandma’s old mink coat is an intelligent and thrifty move!

Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth arrive at the London Casino, on Jan. 3, 1949 Photo by AP:Press Association Images

Goth Girls in Fur, Leipzig, Germany

Hannah Bronfman cozies-up in white fox (TeenVogue.com)

The vest, of course, is the fashionable titan this year; the looks vary greatly from full-length to shorter versions, from more couture to sportier variations. Everyone from fashion editors to young girls-about-town and from soccer moms to elegant retirees are succumbing to its spell. And with the fur that is left over, why not have them make you a fabulous fur scarf?

Celebs wearing fur vests – Annalynne McCord, Ashley Tisdale, Shay Mitchell and Katy Perry

Former Teen Vogue editor, Joanna Hillman, adds a glam touch to this season’s staple, the military jacket, with a fur vest, platforms and shades! (TeenVogue.com)

We’ll be revisiting remodeling options in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, if you’ve been lucky enough to get a hand-me-down fur coat from your mother or grandmother give your local furrier Marc Kaufman a call and get them started on creating a chic new fur look for you!

Rent a fabulous fur coat or fur garment from Marc Kaufman Furs for a special occasion, a scene in a movie, a music video, a wedding or a photo shoot for a magazine, or just to get the celebrity look for a day! What ever your occasion, we can rent you just the right fur.




Red Fox Fur Stroller with Belt & Hood, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

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