Fur Coat Fever Hot as Can Be

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Rose Mink trio, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Fur coat fever is upon us.The weather has turned frigid and everyone is seeking warm apparel in an attempt to stay warm during the winter months. Climate change can be a real drag at times. Thankfully, Marc Kaufman  has a coat for everyone in need of one.

Fur Coat fever

The fur coat fever that is in play for 2016 has escalated to include all varieties of coats.Sable,Mink, fox, chinchilla and more,are all sought after commodities. Marc Kaufman has the distinct edge over other furriers. His tenure at the top of the coat business is no accident. The Kaufman family of furriers has been around since 1870. Their base of operations in New York City. However, Marc Kaufman operates globally via Marc Kaufman online. Marc Kaufman furs is the most recognized name in the fur business. His eclectic array of original designs and high end standard coats are universally recognized to be second to none.

Celebrities, business executives and customers of all stripes are patrons of the Marc Kaufman Fur experience. Visit Marc Kaufman Furs online, Marc Kaufman Furs on Facebook and Marc Kaufman Furs on Instagram for amazing previews of the fur coat fever phenomenon that is Marc Kaufman.

Catch the fever and let Marc Kaufman  introduce you to the ultimate coat experience!

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