When it comes to fur fashion trends for 2013/2014, Milan is a leader. The Italians, for decades now, have approached fur just like any other material, constantly experimenting and innovating. Fall/Winter 2013/14 proved to be no exception. The result? Several exciting new fur trends as well as a return to some of the established favorites.


Model post fashion show – Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013-Winter 2014 (photo courtesy of www.Elle.com)

Fur Fashion Trends 2013 | Cropped Looks

One of the big questions, not so long ago, was how to keep fur design fresh and youthful? Cropped Looks is one of the answers. Yes, this season had a great medley of cropped looks that are sure to win fans. Their spin on classic jackets, including blousons or bikers, shortened peacoats or kimonos, are allowing for greater versatility and wearability. These fur pieces complement a more mobile lifestyle, and work equally well with various wardrobe styles and age groups. Cropped fur looks are a MUST HAVE.

Gianfranco Ferré – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Ports 1961 – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Roberto Cavalli – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Krizia – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Fur Fashion Trends 2013 | Saturated Brights

Bright colors are also keeping fur designs fresh and lively. This season has given us beautiful Saturated Brights that are redefining sartorial conventions. Once fur is rinsed or dyed it transforms into a “surrogate textile” with tremendous creative flexibility. A quick dye bath can make any fur look sporty, chic, cool… completely new. Matching a fur to a textile’s color changes the fashion picture and creates a great new design platform (this isn’t anything new, but some of the high saturations used are). Combining these bold, rich colorations with the deep, textural appeal of fur lends a dramatic sculptural effect and maximizes visual impact.

Laura Biagiotti – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Fendi – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Maurizio Pecoraro – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Ter et Bantine – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Fur Fashion Trends 2013 | Retro Looks

Looking back at the past to uncover the NEW is a trend in and of itself. Retro Looks are given fresh new takes and are transformed into completely contemporary results – ones with a distant pedigree! The modernity of this trend comes with the initial appropriation of a look, shape, silhouette, made to read completely new once reworked with a specific fur type, fur combinations, or new and innovative manufacturing techniques. The past is the best teacher; these pieces are studied and foolproof… and full of personality.

Prada – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Emporio Armani – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Gucci – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Simonetta Ravizza – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Fur Fashion Trends 2013 | Decorative Mix

A little flair goes a long way. Many designers are embracing the Decorative Mix. A little something furry around the neck area, a few appliqué embroideries here and there, a little strip of long-haired fur on a trim or hem, all make a huge design difference. When it comes to decorative elements, the applications are so well researched and beautifully executed that even the most minimalist-minded will surely succumb to their creative charms.

Emilio Pucci – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Marni – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Antonio Marras – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Roberto Cavalli – Fall 2013-Winter 2014

Fur Fashion Trends 2013 | Winter White

White, in all its clean, crisp splendor, is fast becoming a go-to choice for fur designs. White, the de facto anti-color, is featured in a multitude of looks and shade variations that are making it a trans-generational superstar for its chic choice and versatility. Unlike black that often reads formal, Winter White can easily channel a sportiness that plays with the new casual styling favored today. All in all, white furs are becoming classic accents each season.

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