Who says one can’t stay stylish in this cold weather? There is a piece of clothing that can add personality and flair to every type of outfit – a fur coat. The type of clothes you wear unsurprisingly reveals your character. Donning a fur coat further elevates your style.

No matter what your personality is, bold, outrageous, bubbly, edgy, or relaxed; we guarantee you can find a fur coat that matches your personality at Marc Kaufman Furs. Many different coats come in rainbow colors. Choosing which one you would like to own depends entirely on your character and your preferences.

The decision to buy the perfect fur coat is not as difficult as it seems. Throughout this article, we have broken down the different types of coats we have and which one suits you best. The best thing about them? The undeniable fact that they make you look like the most lavish person in the room, subsequently boosting your confidence.

Fur allows you to shine, no matter how casual your outfit is. We will discuss which fur coats are the best fit for you and can help you showcase your personality.

Regardless of what you’re wearing, a Marc Kaufman fur coat never disappoints and goes well with everything. Color and style are what matters the most when choosing a fur coat, and we are here to help you with precisely that.

  • The Bold

We have noticed that those who are daring and are not afraid to express themselves with their attire usually prefer shocking in-your-face colors such as a bright red.

Red Fur Coat

A woman wearing a red mink fur jacket with red chinchilla fur collar.

This color exudes power and courage. Those who are confident and radiate a great deal of energy usually have a pull towards this color because of several reasons. Firstly, your personality naturally pulls the trust of others towards it. Secondly, wearing the fur coat in the picture will make you appear grounded and practical, and lastly, it displays the image of a hardworking and spirited person.

  • The Optimistic

Those who are witty and have a spontaneous, optimistic personality tend to gravitate towards orange-colored fur coats.


Fur Coat

A woman wearing an orange fox fur jacket over a black outfit.

The Orange Fox Jacket pictured in the photo is an accurate representation of someone who is highly imaginative and is ready to wear clothes that could prove to be a bit risqué. This fur coat is for those who crave fun, excitement and some of the other sort of stimulation in life. Most importantly, they have little to no room for rules and regulations in their lives as freedom is vital for them.

If you are one of those people who like to take opportunities to express themselves, then this coat is a perfect fit for your personality.

  • The Bubbles

Has Winter got you sulking? Well, not for those with a bubbly and bright personality, as they face this harsh weather with a positive attitude with their colorful fur coats and jackets.

Yellow Fox Fur Jacket

A woman wearing a yellow fox fur jacket over a black tank top and skinny jeans.

This Yellow Fox fur jacket is a visual representation of the bright, bubbly personality of the owner. If you like the fur jacket in the photo, chances are, you have a spontaneous persona and are you like making impulsive decisions.

People who are attracted to fur coats like these are easy to mingle with and have exceptional networking skills. Wear this fox fur jacket, if you want to dress to impress!

  • The Flirty

Horizontal Sky-Blue Fox Jacket

A woman wearing a horizontal sky-blue fox jacket over a patterned skirt and black boots.


People who tend to be on the more flirtatious side wear perky colored garments such as the Sky Blue Fox Jacket. They tend to be enthusiastic, compassionate, sincere and imaginative. They care about their relationships a lot and want to contribute to everything they are a part of.

We believe that above all, a jacket like this could help you display the positivity you possess. Moreover, it can give you a chance to demonstrate your creativity and show how eager you are to work and communicate with others.

  • The Relaxed and Chill

Fur Coat

A woman wearing purple sheared mink fur stroller, posing on the street.

Marc Kaufman can help you channel your relaxed inner goddess while making a fashionable statement in this purple Mink stroller. Purple is the color of relaxation and radiates a calm aura. A purple chinchilla fur coat will represent your gentle and free spirit.

It can further highlight your peaceful and sensitive personality, and people will automatically be drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy.

  • The Edgy

Fur Coat

A woman wearing an emerald green fox fur jacket with a cheetah print dress underneath.

Add a little rock’n’roll and edge to your winter look with this classic Classic Emerald Green Fox Jacket. This fur coat helps you maintain the calm and collected personality of yours. Those who are attracted to such jackets or coats tend to remain calm during a crisis and take control of the situation until it’s resolved.

Intelligence and sophistication ooze from a person who dons a coat like this. They tend to wear their heart on their sleeve and are not afraid to show others their feelings. By wearing this coat, one can also express themselves to be the social butterfly of the group. All in all, loyalty and faithfulness come together in your personality through this piece of clothing.


To sum it all up, there are hundreds of options when it comes to fur coats that could fit your personality and buying one that suits your style can be a challenging task to figure out. However, it is not impossible. You cannot be afraid that your clothes don’t fit your personality, as you only choose what you’re attracted to.

What one chooses to wear says a lot about their character and their behavior. While it is true that many tend to stick to the safer options of dark matted colors such as brown and black, the vibrant colored fur coats are too hard to resist now. Its coat season and it is time to express yourselves through the different variety of options available at Marc Kaufman.

In conclusion, what our outerwear says about us should concern us, as it speaks volumes. It is a candid look into what your personality is like for those who do not know you. Browse through the countless options we have at Marc Kaufman Furs and choose the perfect fur coat that fits your personality!