There’s no accessory as timeless or as luxurious as a fur cape. However, while fur coats and jackets are easy to pull off, styling a fur cape is a little more challenging. In fact, the silhouette alone can overwhelm  you, especially if you’re petite.

If you’re unsure of how to wear a fur cape, don’t worry. We’re here to break down ways you can style your luxurious accessory.

How to Wear a Fur Cape: Our Best Fashion Tips

Fur capes are an investment. These versatile garments can be your best friend throughout autumn all the way to spring. Instead of only wearing them a couple of times this winter season, take them out more often and rock them with our fur cape styling tips.

Short Fur Capes

Longer fur capes may seem more luxurious, but they’re also more formal. That’s why shorter fur capes are easier to style for daytime use. They’re flirty and best worn draped over the shoulders.

Our main piece of advice for styling short fur capes would be to layer. Stick with multiple thin layers instead of one thick layer to eliminate bulk. You can also play up the length by contrasting the fur cape with longer pieces like maxi skirts and high-waist leggings.

Long Fur Capes

When it comes to long fur capes, embrace these luxurious accessories, making the most of them. If you think they’re too formal, pair them with more casual options like jeans. Wear flats instead of heels to dress them down and you’ll be good to go.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of how formal they look. Long fur capes are perfect with a little black dress. You can also add some modern earrings and heels for a chic, night look.

How to Wear a Fur Cape

Add a Belt

Afraid that a long fur cape will overwhelm your figure? This fur cape styling hack is sure to help. Adding a belt around your waist will draw attention to the narrowest part of your body and give you more shape. It can also help the fur cape blend in seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. Add a matching belt for a more subtle look or go all out with a belt in a contrasting color!

No matter how you style a fur cape, you’re sure to look stunning in this trendy accessory!