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Fashion inspiration can come from many directions. References that are particularly strong and marketable allow a woman to identify with values of confidence, achievement, strength and talent.  So it is no surprise that those trailblazers who made history and helped to redefine the modern women for generations to come serves as especially good reference points.


Ruth Alexander (1905-1930)

Brown Sheared Mink Fur Coat with Leather Belt from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC


Pauline Gower (1910-1947) ferrying a new aircraft from the factory to the aerodrome, January 1940

Sheared Mink Fur Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs

Chocolate colored Persian Lamb Jacket with Fox Fur Trim from Marc Kaufman Furs


Jean Batten (1909-1982) and her kitten! being interviewed after flying from Britain to Australia, 1934

Brown Sheared Mink Stroller with Leather Belt from Marc Kaufman Furs


Blanche Stuart Scott (1885-1970)

Hooded Black Mink Fur Jacket with Fox Trim from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC


Enter the aviators, heroes who have served in combat and carved new pathways for women. Of course, more than a few of these ladies weren’t your average “Jane”; many came from privileged backgrounds that allowed them to partake in the rarefied pastime of flight. When things got tough, many of these ladies took their skills to new heights and served dutifully during WWII – the same way many of the earlier socialites who knew how to drive when it was a rarity served as ambulance drivers during WWI.


Amelia Earhart (1898 -1937) American aviator, noted for her flights across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and her attempt to fly around the world. (Photo courtesy of Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)


Amelia Earhart as inspiration for Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès

Black Shearling Jacket Grey Hood from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC


Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès’ take on the aviator’s cap and jacket for F/W


On a Washington airstrip in 1939 Colonel Roscoe Turner presents Chinese aviatrix Hilda Yen (1905-1970) with the aeroplane that would nearly kill her in a crash a month later

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To properly outfit these fearless women traditional functional uniforms had to be retrofitted to mold to a new silhouette.  Over the years it has been these silhouettes that have been peppered with contemporary fashionable nods and creative twists to deliver modern, chic looks for the sophisticated fashion shopper.


The whirlwind: Diana Barnato Walker (1918-2008)


Revisiting a classic: The Aviatrix shearling jacket with oversized collar

Black Leather Stroller with Lace Trim


Aviator Jacket Facts: as early as the 1920s a short leather jacket with narrow sleeves appeared to protect the pilot from harsh temperatures

The aviator look is trending again, playing off the strength of the feminine adaptation of masculine looks that has been so popular on the runways these past few season. From the boyfriend trend to the boyfriend fit, the masculine influence on women’s fashion is inescapable and  the aviator jacket –or should we really call it “aviatrix jacket” – is the perfect way to show you’re at the top of the trend.


Front row and center: Mary-Kate Olsen sporting an Aviatrix look to a fashion show


Aviatrix chic hits the runway

Brown Sheared Mink Fur Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs

These cropped jackets and strollers, tapered at the waist with narrow sleeves and oversized collars, most often in shearling or fur, are especially flattering for women. They convey a strong, sexy confidence and bridge the gap from downtown to uptown looks.

Aviatrix Jacket trend watch for Dec. 2013


Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès revisited the aviator’s cap and jacket for Fall 2009/Winter 2010


(above) Mahogany Shearling Jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs’ collection

Aviatrix chic is a look that never gets old.

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