We can’t help but get caught up in the Holiday shopping buzz which seems to start earlier and earlier every year. With good intentions in hand, it is inevitable that we end up running around aimlessly at the eleventh hour trying to secure the final  few “perfect” gifts for those on our list. So, to help organize your Holiday shopping this year we came up with a few fail-safe gift ideas to satisfy everyone on your list. And, to make it that much easier, we organized it with personality, passion and focus in mind. Now that’s a list to live by!

Ivory Cashmere Cape with Fox Collar and Trim from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

The Glambo

These seasoned fashion lovers are usually the most discriminating and difficult to shop for on your Holiday list. We call them Glambos because they are militant about high-style. You know them, they’re the ones who have just about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in multiples and look so darn polished even rolling out of bed. Suspending any budget limitations, here’s some top tier ideas that will definitely hit a home run with these lucky elite.

Bibhu Mohapatra | Fall 2013

Jason Wu | Fall 2013

Fendi | Fall 2013

Giuliana Teso | Fall 2013

Dennis Basso | Fall 2013

Tortoise Shell Hooded Mink Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Sapphire Mink Jacket Horizontal Stripes

Outdoorsy Opulence

Just like being a little bit country and a litle rock n’ roll, these outdoor-loving types know how to appear casual, classic and chic with minimal effort. Always looking for a reason to bond with nature, these land, sea and slope lovers rejoice in getting their hands dirty and delight in breaking a “good sweat”. Here’s your opportunity to help them look even more stylish and sexy while doing it. This is our roundup of the perfect looks for them.


Helen Yarmak | Fall 2013

Annabelle New York | Fall 2013

Belted Knit Rex Rabbit Cape with Fox Collar from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Reservations Required

If you have to poke, prod and almost pledge your first-born to get someone on your list to break out of their mold, whether it’s a love of all black or a uniform of denim and tees, this list is  for you! These are the folks who are more reserved and stick to a pattern and palette for dressing. This is not only a female phenomena as there are some men who only rely on simple blacks, browns or greys to get them through spring, summer, fall or winter. Think your classic New Yorker who can wear all black like nobody else, or the woman who chooses a Prada loafer instead of Manolo stiletto and you get an idea of who we had in mind for these picks.


Donna Karan | Fall 2013

Elie Saab | Fall 2013

Gianfranco Ferre | Fall 2013


Krizia | Fall 2013


Prabal Gurung | Fall 2013


Prada | Fall 2013


Grey swakara stroller with chinchilla collar and cuffs from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

The Bold & Brazen

Fearless and whimsical, and clearly not ruled by functionality or uniformity, these are the most fun and indulgent to shop for. We could all take a fashion and life cue from this brazen bunch. They live and dress with a passion that is truly palpable; even if it’s not always understandable. Taking fashion risks and dressing for the sheer love of the sport is what drives them. With great satisfaction and youthful glee we present these picks to you….Enjoy.


Oscar de la Renta | Fall 2013


Antonio Marras | Fall 2013


Tom Ford | Fall 2013


Manish Arora | Fall 2013


Jean Paul Gaultier | Fall 2013

Fluffy Lynx Fur Jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

As your designated fur elves, we did our due diligence to come up with even more ideas to knock the socks off the loved ones on your Holiday shopping list. Whether the list is long, or considerately pared, small things go a long way. Take heed, small doesn’t necessarily mean insignificant. Don’t believe us? Do diamonds come in large or small boxes? Can hundred dollar bills fit in a pocket?… Enough said. If neither diamonds, nor money float your boat as Holiday gifts, then consider these small but mighty fur gift options for the ones you really, really love.

The Fledgling Fur Lover

Tweens, college bound and beyond this is for anyone who is looking to own their first fur item. In order to ease them into this inevitable lifelong love affair, we suggest smaller, cute, simple and highly versatile fur pieces that could easily transition from day to night, dorm to disco. Consider these if you aim to please.


Chanel | Fall 2013


Adrienne Landau | Fall 2013


Badgley Mischka | Fall 2013


Carolina Herrera | Fall 2013


Altuzarra | Fall 2013


Marc Jacobs | Fall 2013

Cream and Brown Rabbit Fringe Jacket, now only $395 from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Get the celebrity look

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