This Is What A $1 Million Fendi Fur Coat With Silver

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This Is What A $1 Million Fur Coat With Silver Tips Looks Like

Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images.

From his omnipresent crew of attractive men to his far-flung runway locales and his well-crafted personal brand, Karl Lagerfeld has never been a designer to do anything halfway. By now, we’re already used to seeing his extravagant creations on the catwalk — Chanel branded casino tables, anyone? — but even that doesn’t compare to what walked down the runway at the recent Fendi show.

Just last week, Lagerfeld showed Fendi’s debut couture fur collection on the runway in Paris. The event also happened to mark Lagerfeld’s 50th anniversary with the Italian fashion house, so it’s not surprising that he took his “go big or go home” ethos to an entirely new level. Amongst the 36 looks crafted from mink, chinchilla, and sable, Lagerfeld’s haute fourrure show also featured one of the most expensive items of clothing ever: a fur coat worth €1 million (for the math averse, that’s $1,085,040). According to Dazed, every single follicle on this floor-length sable overcoat is coated in pure silver, “giving a unique and contemporary luminous metallic effect to the fur while maintaining its softness.” This glimmering, moonlit finish made it the standout piece of the show — we’d certainly hope so, especially given the price tag.

Clearly, Lagerfeld wasn’t exaggerating before the show when he told WWD, “The sable coat today is expensive, like people pay less for a house than for a sable coat. It’s unbelievable!” It just remains to be seen who’s willing to shell out — and brave PETA — in order to wear it.

On November 28th Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC outdid Lagerfeld, signing a contract to become the only company that can make and distribute 24 carat gold coated mink furs, 24 carat gold coated chinchilla furs, 24 carat sable furs. With every single follicle on these garments coated in pure 24 carat gold, this is a very expensive process, yielding beautiful results.

This 24 carat gold mink will only be available at Marc Kaufman Furs NY. 

This 24 carat gold mink will only be available at Marc Kaufman Furs NY.

Marc Kaufman Furs of NY is in contract with Nobline of Switzerland to design and manufacture a new fur line which will use a new fur process that infuses 24 carat gold onto any fur. This process will merge the beauty of fur and the opulence of 24 carat gold.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

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