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Fur coats have been a fashion statement for quite some time now. Scientists estimate that humans began to use fur clothing around 170,000 years ago, mainly to keep themselves warm in those icy pre-historic times. As human civilization progressed, the use of fur also evolved with time. Throughout the millennia, they have retained their symbol as a luxury, wealth, and fashion symbol. As a fur enthusiast, you should have an understanding of the different types of fur coats. Here are some of the most widely used fur types.

Chinchilla Fur

chinchilla fur coats

Designer Jacket Finest Chinchilla

Chinchilla belongs to the rodent family that is indigenous to South America. A long time ago, South American Indians used Chinchilla fur clothing. Since these tribes were known as “Chincha,” it became a household name to describe this type of fur when conquered later. The conquest resulted in the widespread distribution of Chinchilla fur around the world, especially in Europe, where its exquisitely soft texture surpassed other types of fur coats.
A significant reason behind this fur’s demand points to its characteristics: no animal has a higher hair density than chinchillas. As a result, chinchilla fur coats are denser, silkier, and mushier than others.
Chinchilla skin is tough to handle, which makes it easier to use this fur when manufacturing coats. Today, the demand for chinchilla fur has positioned it as one of the most expensive types of fur coats.

Mink Fur

Whiskey Mink Cape

Whiskey Mink Cape

Mink belongs to the weasel family. The spread of mink throughout the wild regions of North America as well as few other countries in the world are the breeding grounds.

American mink coats are widely considered the best in quality, due to the higher rearing and breeding of minks.

There are fewer pleasing sights to behold than a lady in a mink coat. While traditionally, mink coats primarily preferred by women, men have also expressed interest in purchasing mink coats.
Mink fur coats score well in the durability tests; they can withstand rigors for as long as 20 years if they are adequately maintained.

Lynx Fur

Canadian Lynx Fur Stroller

Canadian Lynx Stroller

Lynx found in Europe, Russia, and North America. Russian Lynx fur offers premium quality, while the American Lynx offers lower variety but is also more affordable. Quality Lynx fur is silky and soft, and it is used in long fur coats.

Fox Fur

Black Fox Fur Jacket

Black Fox Fur Jacket

Fox is found all over the world. There are foxes are ranches  in the US. Fox fur is warm, full-bodied, and fluffy, yet it remains lightweight.

The lustrous soft guard hairs from fox fur complemented by a thick underfur, make it an ideal choice in fashionable attires.

Fox fur has become famous due to its multifaceted production procedures, along with a wide range of color variations, suited well with an extensive list of stylish garments.

Coyote Fur

Joe Namath Marc kaufman Coyote Jacket Red Fox Jacket

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Coyote Jacket Red Fox Jacket

Coyote is indigenous to Central and North America. This fur is peaking high in demand for the manufacturing of collars, hood trims, hats, and especially coats. The fur is heavily dense, offering unparalleled insulation and warmth in cold temperatures. Mainly, men favor coyote fur and use it as part of their casual clothing.

Sable Fur

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Walk it off in this Russian sable fur stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs New York City

Sable is found in Canada and Russian. Russian Sable is desired by many because of their top-notch quality that rightly calls for a higher price tag. Since they are available in limited numbers as opposed to other types of fur coats, their use is reserved with luxurious and fashionable attires. On the other hand, Canadian sable also stands well on its feet, available in a lower price bracket. Luxurious Sable fur is silky, long-lasting, rare, and lightweight. However, keep in mind that warmth-wise, sable fur is not considered the best option.

Raccoon Fur

mens bomber fur jacket

Bomber Jacket Golden Raccoon

Raccoon originates from Asia and North America.

Quality Raccoon fur is fluffy and thick. If cared adequately, they can last for a surprisingly long period of time, especially if it is a North American raccoon. The Asian Raccoon comes with longer guard hair tips which vastly enhance its beauty and elegance.

It offers tremendous warmth due to the dense underfur and long guard hairs. Raccoon fur coats with dyed colors have become contemporary and they are used to get a versatile look.

Beaver Fur

Zuki Furs Floral Sheared Beaver Jacket

Zuki Furs Floral Sheared Beaver Jacket

Beaver originates from Europe and North America.

Canadian beaver fur offers use with two designs: sheared and natural length. Beaver’s fur best described to have a lustrous sheen, excellent durability, and more exceptional warmth.

Natural beavers with longer hairs contain semi-coarse guard hair, offering distinct sheen and remarkably soft and dense underfur, along with wiry top hair.

Rabbit Fur

pink rex rabbit fur jacket tibetan lamb

pink rex rabbit fur jacket Tibetan lamb

Rabbits are available everywhere. Rabbit fur is abundant in quantity. Rabbit fur is quite affordable when you compare it with other types of fur coats—this is because due to the various production methods. It is popular because of its unique capability to imitate different types of furs.

Marc Kaufman Furs

Now that you have learned about different types of fur coats and their characteristics, have a look at Kaufman furs and choose any from your preference. Marc Kaufman is one of the oldest and well-reputed wholesalers for high-quality fur clothing in the US. Kaufman furs come in all sizes and shapes; you can purchase jackets, boleros, strollers, best, and coats from an extensive list of fur types.

Other than the sale of fur garments, they also excel in fur storage, fur cleaning, and fur modeling. Hence, as a fur enthusiast, choose Kaufman furs for your use to enrich your experiences with fur clothing.

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