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Fox fur hats increase in popularity on the Russian market

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Hat and accessory fashion for the coming winter season was presented at Moscow’s Chapeau 2011 fair, ending last weekend. The event, which was organised for the ninth time, brought together nearly 290 exhibitors from different parts of Russia.  Of these, 35 were fur traders operating in the international market.

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Saga Furs participated in the fair with a renewed exhibition stand. At the same time, Saga Furs’ new logo and visual image were presented. The change was received positively in Moscow, and the image was seen to strengthen the company’s Nordic identity.According to exhibitors, the fair went very well. The number of visitors increased by a little over 15 per cent from the previous year. The prices of ready-made accessories increased, but this did not have an effect on buyers as trade was busy already in the first day of the fair.

Fox fur held its ground as the most popular headwear material. Different Saga techniques, especially Airgallone and Fox on Fabric, were very popular. Furthermore, a technique in clothing, where strips of fox fur are sewn into the fabric, has also moved into headwear.

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The Chapeau fair, organized annually, is the largest and most prominent international fur fair in Russia.

With the strong demand for furs that will be used for fur hats, fur coats and jackets the cost of the fur skins continue to rise. The result in cost is due to supply and demand with shortage of supply.

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