Fashion Week in New York is off and running with fashionistas fighting the ice and snow and frigid temperatures to descend on Lincoln Center and venues across The Big Apple to see the best of American fashion. If anyone had any doubt about fur’s popularity, the streets were filled with so much fur that it appears to have become a uniform for the fashionable set. The Fur Love wasn’t lost on the designers. For those who gradually experimented with fur in past collections, their current approach was bolder and wisely handled with full-looks, including accessories.

a model photographed in Manhattan wearing a look from MARC KAUFMAN FURS

Fur fashion is contemporary, cutting edge and versatile and every fur garment, accessory or home-ware item is as unique as the owner.  What ever your budget or taste there is something for everyone.

Look like a celebrity in this Tortoise Shell Hooded Mink Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs’ collection

Fur design is currently going through a global Renaissance, reinterpreting the medium with a fresh outlook embracing modernity like haute couture does regularly with daywear. It is nearly impossible to pinpoint a fur trend other than to focus on its worldwide appeal. Fur is not a trend but a fashion staple; the trends come with fashion cycles and garment reinterpretations.  Nowhere is this more apparent than the Pre-Fall 2014 collections, which are filled with extraordinary fur fashion creativity.


Mulberry | pre-Fall 2014


Alice + Olivia | pre-Fall 2014


Zac Posen | pre-Fall 2014

Pre-Fall 2014 Fur Highlights


Honor | pre-Fall 2014


Missoni | pre-Fall 2014


Chanel | pre-Fall 2014


Akris | pre-Fall 2014


Escada | pre-Fall 2014


Burberry Prorsum | pre-Fall 2014

Mink is currently getting a new wave of fans and becoming a go-to choice for chic little pieces that manage to retain an elegant formality while being sporty;  longhaired mink is being tamed into subdued sophistication, keeping a potential rock n’ roll caché alive while being polite. Everything is on the menu nowadays; everything is about style and investment value.


Versace | pre-Fall 2014


Fendi | pre-Fall 2014


Gucci | pre-Fall 2014


Easy chic might simply describe the pre-Fall 2014 collections to a “T”. The strongest emphasis of these mini-collections was daywear and transitional daywear-to-eveningwear looks. With the outerwear, fur reigns supreme while emphasizing  thrilling, sporty interpretations.


Monique Lhuillier | pre-Fall 2014


Dennis Basso | pre-Fall 2014

There was something deceptively historical with pre-Fall 2014 in the way it looked at the future, reminding us of post-WWII haute couture looks (zippers and snap closures, peacoats and blousons started popping-out back then). Today’s shearling treatments are adding a frisson of excitement by modernizing looks.


3.1 Phillip Lim | pre-Fall 2014


Mulberry | pre-Fall 2014


Calvin Klein Collection | pre-Fall 2014

The most modern trend of all is definitely the reinterpretation of staple pieces like sweaters and sweats that are getting fur treatments. The looks are surprisingly relaxed and don’t come off as finicky. This trend is going to continue for the long haul and become a wardrobe “must-have”.


Opening Ceremony | pre-Fall 2014


Milly | pre-Fall 2014


Reed Krakoff | pre-Fall 2014

All in all, pre-Fall 2014 signaled an interesting fashion direction with a focus on sophisticated casual staple pieces like sweats and a blurring of formal conventionality with transitional daywear. Also, coats and jackets are coming in a multitude of material hybrids that are opening the gates for Fall 2014-Winter 2015 with many surprises.


Versace | pre-Fall 2014


10 Crosby Derek Lam | pre-Fall 2014


Burberry Prorsum | pre-Fall 2014

Slate-colored Rabbit Fur Vest with Fox Fur Collar from MARC KAUFMAN FURS

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White Rex Rabbit Cropped Sleeve Jacket with Fox Fur Collar, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

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