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Fur Skins Make Great Fur Blankets


Fur pelts made into fur blankets other than coats.

Furs designed into amazing fur blankets or rugs. There is a world of practical use for skins.



Red fox skin Marc Kaufman Furs

Red fox skin Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur skins from coyotes, foxes, muskrats, beaver, raccoon, otter, cat Lynx, bobcat, ermine, wild mink, wolverine, badger, and more can efficiently be utilized to form a lovely home accessory in the form of a blanket or rug.

Fur skins, after hunters have worked with official government-sanctioned programs to hunt specific types of wildlife to preserve the balance in the ecotone, are optimal for use in fur blankets and rugs.



Coyote fur skin Marc Kaufman Furs

Coyote skin Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman specializes in the design of blankets and rugs and more. Hunters, with fur skins from their government-sanctioned hunts, will always have an outlet with Marc Kaufman.

For nearly 150 years, Marc Kaufman has been designing fur blankets and rugs for their clientele. The result is always a unique looking and useful centerpiece for the home. It also allows for the practical use of fur skins acquired from government-sponsored hunts.




The next time you have skins from government-sanctioned hunts, seek Marc Kaufman at their flagship store in New York City for blankets design options.

You may always contact us via our online global sales store at Kaufmanfurs.com. It is the best way to make good use of skins into a fur blanket for a practical and aesthetic purpose.