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If you own a new or antique natural fur coat or any clothing adorned with fur, specific care is required to preserve it in mint condition. Every year, fur clothing should be cleaned by a skilled furrier who has expertise in fur cleaning. Do not try to wash a genuine fur coat at home – you may run a risk of irreversibly damaging it. Here is a proper guide for fur care and storage that might help you out!

Fur Care and Storage: How to Store Fur and Care for It?

Tips for Caring for and Storing Fur

Animal skin or hair can dry out, and natural or real fur usually gathers dust, oils, and odors if it is not washed and conditioned once a year, even if you do not use it often. A professional wash will bring back the sheen and gloss of the fur while also keeping it from shedding. So, make sure that you are headed on the right track for fur care and storage through these tips:

Select the Appropriate Hangers

Fur jackets are often heavier than standard winter coats. As a result, wire hangers or standard plastic ones will not provide the necessary support to your coat. This might damage the shape and design of the shoulders of your coat. It is essential to choose a wooden hanger or broad-shouldered hanger capable of completely supporting the coat’s weight.

Allow Room to Breathe

Fur jackets need lots of breathing room. The air movement keeps the fur dry and cool, which aids in the elimination of mold and smells. Avoid using plastic or rubber bags and always verify that the bag is acceptable for furs. Additionally, separately store your fur coats away from other textiles that might rub against them and damage them.

Avoid Moth Balls and Cedar

Guide about Fur Care and Storage

While keeping rats and other pests away from fur coats is critical, you must be cautious when choosing a repellent. While most people opt for mothballs, they may leave an unpleasant odor in the fur that can be difficult to remove. Cedar may also be a risky option since it absorbs all the humidity in the air, causing your furs to dry out. Place lavender sachets in the storage room to deter moths and other insects from ruining your fur coat.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Tips for Caring for and Storing Fur

Many individuals choose to keep their fur coats in a climate-controlled storage system since they are heavy and delicate pieces of garments. Besides freeing up room in your closet, this is a great way to protect your fur coats and accessories. Maintaining a steady temperature and controlling humidity levels in your storage container are essential to the preservation of your fur coats.

Store in Cool and Dry Place

Furs and leathers cannot take the heat very well since the heat tends to dry them out. As a result, the fur might fade and become discolored when exposed to bright sunlight. A garage or an attic, which may be hot, damp, and crowded, should not be used for storage. Furs, on the other hand, should be kept in the dark, ventilated area out of the path of direct sunlight.

Store Your Coat in a Non-Plastic Container

Tips for Caring for and Storing Fur

Plastics act as a barrier to keep out dust, filth, germs, liquids, etc., making them ideal for packaging. This is one of the key things to keep in mind while going about proper fur care and storage. However, a fur coat must be able to breathe and needs to be placed in a ventilated area. The fur and its lining may get damaged if the item is placed in a plastic bag, which prevents it from breathing properly.

Cover Your Fur Coats with Cotton

When it comes to protecting your fur coats from harmful elements, a cotton sheet is the way to go. Just a few minutes of your time and a few dollars, and you will be done. Wrap a wool cloth around the fur coat, but not so tightly that it damages the fur. After that, secure the sheet in place with several big plastic clothespins.

Fur Maintenance

Tips for Caring for and Storing Fur

You should get your fur cleaned by a licensed expert roughly once a year to remove any debris or dirt that might alter its appearance and texture. Even if you cannot see any dirt, there are still microscopic particles that might ultimately cause the fur to feel harsh.

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