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As Lord Eddard Stark forewarned, winter is here and it’s time to take out our fur clothing and accessories to stay warm and fashionable during these cold months. From fur scarves and coats to fur hats and mittens, there are many ways to utilize this statement piece in your wardrobe. Fortunately, there is a multitude of fur options available that are both long-lasting and more resistant to insect damage than actual fur.

While we all love fur in the fall and winter months, fur pieces can be an investment. High-quality fur clothing and accessories will last you years, provided you care for them properly. To keep your items in great condition for years to come, check out our top fur care tips.

How to Care For Fur: Our Top Fur Care Tips

Repairing a fur coat

With just a little bit of extra care, you can make sure your fur items stand the test of time. Check out these fur care tips to learn more.

Avoid Rain and Snow

How to Care for Fur Clothes in Off-Season?

If you want your fur items to last, do your best to avoid rain and snow when wearing them. This is one of the most important fur care tips you will come across. Real and natural fur is excellent at keeping you warm, but it does not hold up in wet conditions. Water can damage the fibers and destroy the lining. Either avoid wearing your fur items in wet weather or carry an umbrella for protection!

Extend the Life of Your Fur Items through Fur Cleaning

One of the reasons fur clothes and accessories seem so luxurious is because of their natural shine and luster. However, this can only be possible if we take proper measures for fur cleaning. The gentle process can be difficult to master, making it essential to trust fur cleaners with experience.

At Marc Kaufman Furs, we have years of experience in fur cleaning. We can extend the life of your fur items through our gentle washing and drying process.

Store Your Fur Properly

A Person Wearing Luxury Chinchilla Fur Coat

In order to keep your fur in the best possible shape, you must store it properly when it is not in use. Do not let these investment pieces lose their shine and get musty. Investing in cold storage prevents damage to your precious fur items and ensures they are cared for. Marc Kaufman Furs offers fur cold storage that will keep your furs in mint condition.

Do Not Use the Wrong Brush on Your Fur

Excessively brushing your fur coat is not a good idea. Smooth the fur with your palm to maintain its form most of the time. However, you can use a professional fur brush to remove a little layer of debris or dust from your dry fur coat. This brush isn’t the same as the one you’d use on yourself or your pet, and it’ll help you avoid harm.

Use Cotton to Cover the Fur during Off-Season

Wrapping your fur jackets in plastic is a no-no, but wrapping them in a cotton sheet is a yes-yes! It’s easy to do, cheap, and only takes a few minutes. Wrap the fur coat in a cotton sheet, making sure it is secure but not too tight. After that, you can make use of clothespins that are larger in size and fix the sheet. And voila! You have got yourself an instant cotton fur coat cover!

You can also buy cotton clothing bags online if you choose. However, cotton sheets are less expensive and will do the job just as well.

Always Seek Professional Help

How to Care for Fur Clothes in Off-Season?

A skilled furrier or fur cleaner should clean your natural fur coat. Unlike synthetic fur apparel, animal fur should never be washed in a home washing machine or sent to a dry cleaner. Excessive humidity and the use of improper chemicals can destroy fur.

Professional fur cleaners utilize a specific cleaning procedure that incorporates sawdust and a different cleaning solution from what is used in conventional dry cleaning. Your fur will be vacuumed clean of sawdust and lightly steamed and fluffed with static electricity. Even if you don’t wear your fur coat much, plan to have it cleaned this way once a year. This will keep the fur silky and shedding to a minimum.

Fur Care Tips: The Final Verdict

A woman in a fur jacket

Take care of your fur items using these fur care tips and ensure that they last for years to come!