Fur Clearance Sale Discount Furs

Fur Clearance Discount Furs

Best Fur Sale Discount Furs. We put first quality furs on our clearance pages. Some of the discount furs that we have on sale can be ordered in different sizes.

You don’t need to wait for a Fur Sale to buy a fur, Marc Kaufman Furs always maintains the very best pricing.

Since 1870 The Marc Kaufman Fur family has been designing quality fur coats for women and men. We have a large selection of designer fur coats and fur jackets at wholesale pricing. Full length designer coats, designer mink coats, fur jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers.

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Cat Lynx Fur Vest 0998

Sale! Multi Colored Old School Swakara Fur Coat F

Multi Colored Old School Swakara Fur Coat 4547

demi mink fur cape canadian lynx fur hood mink belt

Demi Mink Fur Cape Canadian Lynx Fur Hood Mink Belt 88991

Sale! tan shearling jacket

Tan Shearling Jacket Sharpei Collar


Three Toned Reversible Shearling Jacket


Brown Reversible Shearling Coat

black four toned nappa shearling and suede vest

Black Four Toned Nappa Shearling and Suede Vest

Sale! Where to buy White Fox Bolero Jacket

White Fox Bolero Jacket 4256

Fox Fur Stroller

Horizontal Red Fox Stroller Hood 77665

Sale! Baby Blue Fox Shawl

Baby Blue Fox Shawl Tails

Three Toned Gray Fox Fur

Three Toned Gray Fox Fur Trim Parka with Hood

Sale! purple sheared mink fur coat purple chinchilla cuffs trim

Purple Sheared Mink Fur Coat Purple Chinchilla Collar Cuffs and Trim

Sale! Colorful Fox Fur Vest

Patchwork Fox Fur Vest Size 4-6 9347

Full Length American Cat Lynx Fur Coat

Full Length American Cat Lynx Fur Coat 556777





Sale! Fox Fur Jackets

Fabulous Golden Island Fox Jacket 8965

Sale! black leather stroller

Black Leather Stroller Silver Fox Fur Trim 7865

Sale! Brown Sheared Mink Jacket

Brown Sheared Mink Jacket

Sale! Dark Brown Sheared Mink Fur Coat

Dark Brown Sheared Mink Fur Coat

Sale! fushia_fox_fur_stroller_kaufan_furs

Fuchsia Rex Fur Jacket Cross Cut Collar 7623

Sale! Fuschia Rex Rabbit Shrugf

Fuschia Rex Rabbit Shrug

Sale! Horizontal Mink Fur Jcket with Hood

Horizontal Mink Fur Jcket with Hood

Sale! Navy Blue Mouton Lamb Fur Stroller with Hood

Navy Blue Mouton Lamb Fur Stroller with Hood

Sale! Marc Kaufman Furs Presents a sapphire mink fur stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs New York,Argentina,United Kingdom,Austria,Denmark,Norway,Australia,Finland,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Kuwait,Jordan,Egypt

Sapphire Mink Stroller Sheared Sapphire Mink Inserts Belt 899887


Blackglama Mink Coat Belted Flared 87778

Sale! navy blue mink stroller

Navy Blue Mink Stroller Size 10-14

Stand Alone Whiskey Mink Red Fox fur Border Swing Stroller

Whiskey Mink Stroller Red Fox Swing Bottom 92233


Red Fox Fur Vest 55112


Amazing Rovalia Mink Fur Stroller Belt 99816