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As the temperature drops, we see more and more people wearing fur outfits. If you observe closely, you’ll notice that even though you see people wearing fur, the fur isn’t all the same. This brings us to the different types of fur available in the market. Fur is a winter staple, and due to its wide range of variety available, people don’t mind buying more than one fur clothing item. You will find fur coats, jackets, capes, and accessories designed in numerous different types of fur. But there is one very common yet very distinct in features – and that is shearling fur.

Shearling coats and jackets are a very common piece of outfit for winter. You must have seen shops and stores selling shearling fur outfits, but have you ever noticed what shearling really is? If you don’t know, don’t worry, keep reading. Here is all you need to know about shearling.

white shearling jacket with pink collar

 What is Shearling Fur, and Where does it Come From?

As mentioned above, shearling is a type of fur used to make different types of outfits, including jackets and coats for winters. We obtain shearling from the pelt of lambs and sheeps, which is why most people often call it sheepskin.

We obtain shearling from the hide or pelt of sheep and lambs. They are “sheared” for their pelt hence the name; shearling. However, it is different from sheared wool. Since thr process used for both is same, people often confuse shearling with sheared wool, but they are fundamentally different .We categorize shearling as a fur fabric because the hide of the animal is still attached, while it is the opposite when it comes to sheared wool.

black shearling vest

The Process of Obtaining Shearling Fur Fabric

We have already mentioned that we obtain shearling, which we use to make clothing items by processing sheep or lamb pelt – but what is the process? Let’s get to know.


Tanning is the process of chemically treating the sheepskin or pelt. Manufacturers do this to dry and stretch out the hide of the animal. Since both the wool and the leather characterize the shearling obtained from the animal, Hence, tanning process for shearling is done with the wool intact.

There are two types of finishing to a shearling for tanning; Napa and Suede. Napa feels smooth and shiny why suede looks natural and organic.


After tanning and obtaining the shearling fabric, the manufacturer or cloth designer has the option to dye the pelt according to the garment they want to make. Shearling can be easily dyed into different colors; you can also choose whether you want to dye the wool or not.

red shearling jacket

Difference between Shearling Fur and Sheepskin

While people use both terms interchangeably, sharing and sheepskin are slightly different from each other. We usually obtain shearling fur from lambskin, while on the other hand, sheepskin is a term specifically used for pelt which we obtain from grown sheep.

Apart from this, the two are also slightly different in texture. Asaheepskin Is a little rough when touched, while shearling is extremely soft and feels very warm.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Shearling Fur

Shearling jackets and coats are an investment that can long you for years. Here are the benefits of buying shearling clothes.

1. Very Warm

Shearling fur is one of the warmest types of fur, and this is why it is seen very commonly in winters. Since sheepskin and shearling retain body heat, it is perfect for winter outfits.

shearling long coat

2. Durability

As we mentioned earlier, shearlings clothes are a great one-time investment because they can easily last for years. Shearling is a much tougher material and more durable than other times of fur; hence f taken proper care of, shearling clothes can stay as good as new for years.

3. Very Versatile

Sharing is a very versatile material. You can make clothes like shearling jackets and coats and accessories like shearling shawls with the fabric. Moreover, it can be easily dyed in different colors, which is why shearling jackets, capes, and coats are popular in both men’s and women’s fashion.

men shealring jacket

4. Water-Resistant

This is the best and very unique quality of shearling fur. The wool present on the coat doesn’t allow water to reach its core and mostly absorbs water itself, repelling external water. This makes shearling water-resistant and moisture-absorbent – and easily maintainable.

Buy Shearling Clothes!

Shearling fur is an excellent material to invest in. Not only will it help you create some trendy winter looks, but it will also keep you warm and help you save money by being durable and long-lasting.

There is a huge variety of shearling clothes available on our website; if you’re interested, check here!