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Fur is a timeless beauty statement, and any clothing item or accessory made of fur can instantly elevate your outfit. Fur looks super lavish, and if you aim to look unique and stand out from the crowd, wear fur this winter. However, not everyone finds it convenient to wear a fur jacket or coat every day.

Fur jackets and coats are an evergreen fashion trend, and we see lots of people wearing them as the temperature drops. We know some people like being different, but not everyone finds it easy to carry a fur coat with them at all times. So how do stay warm without going through the hassle of carrying a bulky piece of clothing?

Well, it’s easy! Fur collars and fur scarves are the best solutions for you this winter! Not sure why you need to get fur collars and scarves? Let us help you!

fur collar and scarves

Why Do You Need to Invest in Fur Collars and Scarves?

1. They are Convenient

Fur collars and fur scarves are super convenient. You can wear them with any outfit – but it is a dress or just a pair of jeans and a shirt. Moreover, they can save you the hassle of carrying a heavy fur jacket or coat with you at all times, you just need a lightweight fur collar or scarf to drape around your neck, and you are good to go!

fur collar and scarves

2. They are Super Trendy.

Fur collars and scarves are the trendiest piece of clothing for winter 2022. Gone are the days when people relied on long coats and jackets to make up for their winter outfits. This season people are investing in fur collars and scarves to look chic and add a touch of luxury to their outfits.

3. They Keep you Warm

You might think fur collars and scarves are not as useful for the cold weather – but you might be wrong. Do not go on their lightweight and small length – they are equally warm and perfect for keeping you cozy. A thick fur collar or scarf draped around your neck is perfect for keeping you warmed up for a cold winter night – trust us, you won’t miss your jacket!

fur collar and scarves

4. They are Highly Versatile.

A fur collar can be worn with any outfit, and trust us when we say this because we have seen the fashion trends for this year, and fashionistas have looked nothing but chic in accessorizing them. You can wear them over your leather jacket or a velvet dress – nothing is stopping you! Take out your favorite winter outfit and throw in a fur collar or fur scarf with it – and it elevates the entire look.

5. They are Relatively Affordable

Fur is an expensive material, and not everyone can afford a lavish fur jacket or coat. But now you don’t have to wait and save up to be able to wear a fur clothing item. Fur collars and scarves are much more affordable than a long coat or fur jacket – and they look equally luxurious and rich. So don’t hesitate to purchase one; it is an excellent opportunity for a one-time investment.

 fur collar and scarves

Shop for Fur Collars and Scarves at Marc Kaufman Fur

If we could convince you why you need fur collars and scarves, then there is no better time to look for one to invest in. However, finding good quality and stylish-looking fur collars and scarves can be a little tricky, so we are here to help you.

You can shop for fur collars and scarves at Marc Kaufman Furs – because we have what you are looking for. You can get our crowd favorite Grey Rex Rabbit Fur Flowered Scarf which is embellished with flowers and looks nothing but chic if you pair it with a long black dress. It is one of the unique pieces in our fur collection, so get your hands on it asap!

fur collar and scarves

And if you prefer bright colors, then you can also get this red hot raccoon fur collar, which speaks for itself. It is radiant and will effortlessly enhance any boring outfit. It is super comfortable; just drape it around your neck when you are wearing your favorite winter outfit, and you will look nothing less than lavish.

fur collar and scarves

You can further browse our website and find more beautifully designed fur collars and scarves, and even shawls that can be draped as scarves. The options are endless – so don’t hesitate and visit us now!