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Zuki Sheared Beaver Stroller Floral

r Zuki Sheared Beaver Stroller Floral

Zuki Furs Born in Beirut and raised in Israel, Bailala is an iconoclast to the fur industry. In 1973 Zuki moved to Canada to join his wife-to-be. She greeted him decked out in head to toe fur garb. It was then Zuki joined the family business, fur manufacturing. At the time, the business focused largely on mink and while they started out sweeping the floors, always an artist, he became inspired.

Zuki Sheared Beaver Lamb Stroller

                                 Sheared Beaver Lamb Stroller

Mr. Balaila, who as a teenager enjoyed sketching clothes, quickly developed his own ideas for revamping not only his father-in-law’s business, but the entire fur business. His vision was to appeal to the younger generations.
Zuki Furs Floral Sheared Beaver Jacket

       Floral Sheared Beaver Jacket

He resumed his sketching and began using fur as his medium for artistic expression. In doing so color became his driving force, renowned as the inventor of intarsia; the method of inserting a myriad of colored sheared beaver into the body of the garment creating unique design motifs.

Sheared Beaver Onyx Sheared Beaver Fur Stroller Roses

Sheared Beaver Onyx Sheared Beaver Fur Stroller Roses

Intarsia fur garments are his signature, and celebrated throughout the world as collector pieces; most notable are his abstract designs that replicate his branded silk linings. Zuki fur only uses the finest quality raw materials from the pelts to his Swarovski crystal accessories. He oversees all production in his factory in Montreal, Canada.
Zuki Sheared Beaver Jacket B388 Fawn Aster

                                                      Sheared Beaver Jacket B388 Fawn Aster


Year after year Zuki innovates new spectacular designs exciting the fur industry and consumers worldwide. Marc Kaufman Furs carries a complete array Fur Coats. Feel free to access the Marc Kaufman Furs global online store and select your Zuki original fur coat today!

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