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Men’s Fur Fashion Guide

As the temperature drops, the need to dress up in warm clothes rises. Therefore, we see people here and there investing in fur outfits. However, unlike women, most men are unbothered about their appearance and wardrobe. This is because age-old patriarchy has taught men that fashion is only for women – but in 2022, we are all about unlearning problematic conditioning.

Fashion is as important for men as it is for women, and that is why men today need to look their best despite the weather. If you are a man who wants to look dashing while also staying warm and cozy this winter, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a detailed guide to tell you about the 2022 trends regarding fur fashion for men.

Fur Fashion for Men

1. Invest in a Classic Black Fur Coat

A classic black fur coat is a must-have for every person. Consider your wardrobe incomplete if you do not have a classic black fur coat. It is the most versatile piece of clothing – pair it with anything, and wear it wherever you want.

The best thing about a long, black fur coat is that it never goes out of fashion. It is like a one-time investment that can help you create a lot of outfits. Hence, don’t think twice and order this blackglama Men’s full-length mink coat.

fur coat for men

2. Layering is A Must

When it comes to winter fashion, especially for men, layering is a must. As the weather gets colder, people tend to wear whatever warm piece of clothing they find – which helps you stay warm, but will only turn your outfit into a fashion disaster.

Therefore, we compiled this guide to help you with layering up efficiently. When you think it’s too cold to wear just one jacket, start with adding more pieces to your outfit.

Layering 101

Start with a cotton shirt – it is not as warm but helps as the first layer and stops the cold from reaching your body.

long fur coat for men

Next, pick a woolen sweater. Wool is one of the warmest fabrics, and it is best for insulation. However, the color of your sweater is important because your outfit will be based on that color.

If you think it is too cold, add a vest on top – just make sure the vest is in a contrasting color. You can find multiple hand-knitted and patterned sweaters to go with it. Lastly, add a fur jacket or coat of your choice on top to complete your outfit. For an outfit like this, a Military Camofluflage Mink Stroller would look perfect.

fur fashion for men

3. Add  a Pop of Color

Gone are the days when men’s fashion was limited to monotone outfits and neutral colors. Boys are now rocking bright and funky colors – so why shouldn’t you? Winter outfits have mostly been neutral-toned, but designers are now experimenting and encouraging people to invest in colors regardless of gender and the weather.

There are numerous options for men to add a touch of a funk when it comes to fashion for men and their clothing items. Opt for a solid, bright-colored fur jacket, like the yellow rex rabbit jacket that is perfect for helping you stand out from the crowd.

yello fur jcket for men

However, suppose you don’t want to go with a solid-colored jacket and would prefer some color combination. In that case, you can go with a colorful jacket with a neutral-colored collar to tone down the overall funkiness of the outfit while keeping it trendy and classy at the same time. For this, you can get this Men’s red Persian lamb stroller with a black fox collar.

fur fashion for men

Otherwise, you can get an elegant neutral-colored jacket with just a small hint of color – and the best way that it’s one is by getting a single collared jacket with colorful fur collars. If you prefer this look, we would suggest you go for this super trendy silver-pink light blue men’s shearling jacket.

silver fur jacket for men

Shop at Marc Kaufman for Fur Fashion for Men

2022 is the time for men to bring out their fashion A-game, and we are here to help you. This winter, make a statement with your outfits using this guide about fur fashion for men. Moreover, if you want to buy fur clothing items for men, you can check out our online store for a wide variety of excellent quality and well-designed fur jackets and coats.