Demi Mink Horizontal Fur Coat

Demi Mink Horizontal Fur Jacket 02344


I am not a woman who has an abundance of free time. I am an operating manager for 3M. I am based out of their New York office. The New York marketplace is a harsh task master. It is definitely not for the shy and retiring persona. Most of my days are a blur. I am a single professional woman. I do not have time to date ,let alone shop for myself. This is an issue. I am quite the clothes horse,actually. My usual apparel haunts are Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Armani, get the picture. When I do shop these days, I search for apparel that is multi-utilitarian. I found such a garment at Marc Kaufman Furs recently.

I was able to score a great purchase of a beautiful demi mink horizontal fur jacket. The color is magnificent in the light of day . My new demi mink fur goes with quite a few of my work outfits. This is the type of multi-use I seek in my apparel purchases.

I am appreciative of my lovely new demi mink horizontal fur jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs. I understand now why Marc Kaufman Furs is such an outstanding furrier and leader in the field of fur coat sales. I will be back for another coat with them sooner than later.

Call 212.563.3877 to order
Call 212.563.3877 to order