Ivory Mink Hooded Fur Coat

Ivory Mink Hooded Fur Jacket 23837


I went to the Museum of Natural History recently with my husband and 3 year old son. It was a pleasant trip. It was fun throughout. Central Park and the surrounding area in New York City has always been one of our favorite places as a family to visit. We happened across the elephant display and I noticed the ivory tusks on one particular pachyderm. I had to muse over the similarity in the white hue of the tusk and the color of my ivory mink hooded fur jacket from Marc Kaufman furs I was wearing. I felt unique at that moment. I mentioned the coincidence to my husband. He laughed out loud and stated that he was glad that we purchased the coat. My son was just as jubilant (but then, again, he always is). It was a great day out with my family in New York City. My ivory mink hooded fur jacket from Marc Kaufman furs was along for the ride.

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Call 212.563.3877 to order