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Designer Fur Coats Full length Mink Coat. We are showing a beautiful selection of the finest fur coats fashion full length mink coats at wholesale pricing. Any of our Mink coats that you see can be made in any size or color. In addition if you prefer a sleeve on one garment, a collar (shawl, wing, notch, etc.) of another garment and the length of a different fur, we can design it specially for you. In addition if you have a specific style that you like and don’t see on our sight we can price for you and make. We need 4-6 weeks to custom make. Made in the USA.

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Designer Red Fox Poncho

Multi Colored Fox Fur Poncho 323


Brown Mink Jacket Crystal Fox Fur Collar 99887


Dyed Red Fox Fur Bolero Two Toned 7787

Green Fox Fur Boa 7782

Dyed Purple Fox Fur Bolero 88765

Marc Kaufman Furs Presents a ranch mink fur jacket with silver fox fur collar from Marc Kaufman Furs New York,Argentina,United Kingdom,Austria,Denmark,Norway,Australia,Finland,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Kuwait,Jordan,Egypt

Ranch Mink Stroller Silver Fox Collar 8992

Brown Knitted Mink Poncho Hood Fringes 1125

Black Mink Stroller Silver Fox Fur Hood 88123

American Lynx Fur Jacket 0003


Ranch Mink Fur Stroller Button Flared Swing Body 8899

Gorgeous Chinchilla Fur Stole

Finest American Belly Lynx Fur Stroller

American Lynx Fur Belly Stroller Amazing with Hood 66778

Baby Blue Fox Fur Cape Jacket

Baby Blue Fox Fur Cape 1123

Old School Multi Colored Mink Fox Swakara Stroller 78875

Black Persian Stroller Black Fox Fur Border Black Fox Headband 99887


Black Persian Lamb Black Fox Horizontal Border 77888

Multi Colored Mink Fox Persian Stroller 88112

Ranch mink swing stroller

Ranch Mink Fur Stroller Flared 2221

Red Fox Fur Stroller Horizontal Hood 7788

Ranch Mink Fur Stroller with Fox Fur Trim Hood 12209

Blue Iris Mink Fur Stroller Hood Ranch Mink Trim 99887

Silver Fox Fur Stroller Hood

Silver Fox Fur Coat Hood 72

Black Persian Fur Cape Fox Trim 7788

Rex Rabbit White Gray Black Cape 55667

Mahogany Full Length Mink Fur Coat NYC Style 2335

Lavender Mink Swing Fur Stroller NYC Style

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24 Carat Gold Mink Jacket 88766

Gray Rex Rabbit Fur Flowered Scarf 5564

Marc Kaufman Furs presents a chinchilla fur Bolero Jacket from Marc Kaufman Furs New York City, Fur coats in Argentina, fur coats in Chile, fur coats in Venezuela, fur coats in Australia, fur coats in Belgium,fur coats in Netherlands, fur coats in Norway,fur coats in Sweden,fur coats in Dubais,fur coats in Egypt,fur coats in Egypt,fur coats in Kuwait, fur coats in South Africa,fur coats in Tunisia,fur coats in the Falklands

Sexy Chinchilla Fur Jacket Bell Sleeves Horizontal 7788


Whiskey Mahogany Full Length Mink Coat 11225