Red Mahogany Full Length Mink Fur Coat 2345

Looking the part is not always so easy to do. I mean this in a very general way. Looking the part,at anything, requires an understanding of the thing you are attempting to appease by “looking the part”. I am a lobbyist for the tech industry in an asian market. I am based in Washington,DC. I have an office on K street. I am in my early 4o’s and single. I find my job exciting and exhausting all at once. The days are full of meetings and glad handing and endless negotiations. The evenings are replete with function after function. Generally these functions are formal or semi-formal. Day or night,I have to always seek to “look the part”. I have a keen sense for fashion and a wardrobe as diverse as the country in which I live…so to speak. I have a keen understanding of what to wear and for what occasion. It is winter here in Washington, DC now. It is the time of year when everyone attempts to show their best outerwear sense. I have an affinity for fur coats..glorious fur coats. I have one in particular that simply stops traffic whenever I adorn it. It is my Marc Kaufman Furs original red mahogany full length mink fur coat. I love this coat. It is fashionable and trend setting all at the same time. It is not a coat that I wear everywhere and at all times. But when I do, “I look the part”.